Eggs in the Basket

Some of the eggs in the Christmas basket. Family members may send the usual suck up notes for things they take a fancy to.

 This is a little jewelry bag. It fits in your hand but holds the essentials. The circles in the back will be bags any minute now.

 A hairy but short scarf.

These are fun scarves. The top one is single thickness, the bottom is doubled.

These two are soft and thick and short.

This is a cowl circle.

 These are tiny wallets meant to hold cards.
This a wallet and a small card carrier/wallet. See below for the other sides.

This is a mohair scarf.

So in January these are the things I got finished. 

 Here is one bra set with 2 panties. Very extravagant of me, I know - but I couldn't decide which style I liked better. I'm still not sure. The bra fits very well - it's a pattern drafted for me by someone who knows this stuff well. I like the fabric and lace trim. Fabric comes from the Fabricville cheap shelf. Trim and extras from Montreal shops.

This is the first pair of panties made from the Rosy Lady Shorts pattern. It's excellent! I did make them a bit taller than indicated. I may also bring the elastic in a bit from the edge at the bottom.

Here is a second bra and panties set. Here I took the pattern from above and created a full extended band. I am thinking comfort with this move, and I may be on to something. I would drop less next time by a smudge, and I need to remove fabric from the band about midway, allowing the 2 way stretch to smooth out. I have patterns to work on in February.

Here is a neck warmer experiment. I wanted to try crochet with beads. Look carefully and you can see little clear beads all through it. The process was a bit tedious but actually goes along pretty smoothly. However, I failed to get the initial row straight and didn't notice until I was finished that the whole thing twists. Wow. I can be so dense. This looks good wrapped around a neck, or containing overly frizzled hair. First one to 'like' it can have it. 
This is a recently retired Marcy Tilton shirt pattern. I had to make a few pattern fit adjustments but I'm pleased with it overall. It had a neat way of finishing the edges that I may use again. I'm making another version now. Don't you just hate my hair? What's up with that?

I also made this Jalie bra in January. I love the way it went together. There's an amazing video on YouTube that gives you the whole bra from start to finish just like a silent movie from the 20's. However, for a woman of my shape and size, it just doesn't work. Anyone out there want it?

Here is the jewelry bag I dreamed up and finally executed today. Tutorial to follow soon. Purse Palooza!

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