Friday, 26 July 2013

Miss Me?

I haven't blogged for a bit. I've had lots of blog thoughts, but just can't get my bottom in the seat. I miss blogging. It is a great outlet for me. Somewhat like dump and run. Once the thought is out, I feel much unburdened!

Last weekend was busy. I made a spruce root basket. First you dig up spruce roots, peel them and take at least 2 showers to get rid of the dirt. Then you meet with other root people and make a basket. It's a recently uncovered Acadian basket style, and would be unknown I think if Joleen Gordon hadn't done the research. I really enjoyed the process. I prefer to gather my own materials for baskets. It really makes the basket unique to me.

Starts like this. Ends like that.

Then I went to a sewing gathering. What can be said? I love sewing with the people. We also got to see a great sewing room. The other person's sewing room always looks nicer. My would be fantastic if I could just keep it neater. Just a bit.

Then on Sunday the spouse and I volunteered at a car rally. DH organizes and I do what I'm told. Works well and I enjoy it.  He says I need to focus. It's difficult when the blueberries are ripe and you discover a new batch of cranberries.  The big action this time was getting everyone to take us seriously when we asked them not to pee in the woods. One of our land owners has that requirement as events may have thousands of participants (not us yet), and it can get .... messy. We always have a port-a-potty, but now even the males will be using  it. It seems only bears pee in the woods. Yes, I'm putting that on a shirt.

So this weekend he and I and 1 other old guy are off to chop back 3 km of brush from a road for the next competition. Everyone else is busy. It seems the road grader comes next week and it needs to be done. That's 1 km each. Woohoo!

However this is what created me when I got back from a Montreal sister fiesta recently. My birthday and anniversary fall 1 week apart and he always takes note. The real wow factor here is that the flowers came from our garden. Can't you just see him cutting and evaluating and finding just the right blooms? Then he found a lovely rose coloured watch. I love watches. They are practical and a nice piece of accessory. This one sets off my tan perfectly. The cakes are self explanatory. There were spares in the fridge in case I found these ones lacking.

We've been married 27 years. Time really does make a difference. I am amazed and so grateful every year that we are still together. I don't know how he has put up with me all this time. I don't know how I put up with him some days. But every day I love him more and our relationship gets better and stronger. It truly is hard work, but the best kind of work. He is the smartest, funniest and kindest guy I know. And he digs a really good ditch. There is nothing else to ask for, right girls?