Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Buy Some Drano!

As I showered this morning I thought to myself - do these legs need the annual spring dehairing? Then I looked out the window and realized I had lots of time. Lots and lots and lots. However, can't you just imagine the clogged drains when we again catch sight of earth? Can't wait!

Meanwhile the search for the perfect pants continues. I picked up the Wallis pants pattern from Style Arc. I liked the style lines and thought the stretch might be 'fit forgiving'. First let's just say those are leggings, not pants. The fit is leggings for sure. I love them, but they aren't pants.

The muslins were not promising. DH pointed out the problem areas and made the serious mistake of wondering if there was an issue in the belly area. I've allowed him to live for now - but it was touch and go there for a bit.

I percolated on this thought for a day or two. I studied the muslins, the telltale folds and also (alas!) my belly. It seemed I did need a FBA. The dreaded Front Belly Adjustment! I had vertical folds from the crotch are up to the waist. The belly was talking more fabric to cover it and dragging all the pants with it. Extra fabric gathered at the crotch. After I added a little roundness to the pattern pieces at the belly bulge the wrinkles were gone. Now, I do have other fitting problems to solve. The front and back crotch curves fit but aren't distributed correctly. I had DH trace my outline onto paper so I could study my bumps and lumps. Next I will go back to my Wild Ginger software and draft some pants. I can make very fine fitting adjustments with that program and then they apply to everything else I draft. Handy! After the diet takes hold I can make changes as required (please, please, please).

Here are one of the 2 pairs of Wallis pants made so far. The other pair is gray and don't show up well. The Great P is waited with bated breath for me to wear these out in public. She has no sense of whimsy! It seems I do.

I've also finished all the embroidered blocks for my pup quilt. See those paw prints? There are 96 of them - 24 sets of 4. LD showed me a great trick for stitching 6 sets in one hooping. She is so smart!

Also, giving serious thought to a permanent kitchen couch. It leaves about 6 square inches of vacant floor space - but you stretch out with your tea, oatmeal and the paper. True comfort!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

The Kitchen Couch

It snowed. Lots and lots. I won't show you pics of how impressive it looks. Just check FB or whatever. It's quite the event! I am truly blessed. I have a great truck with excellent tires and 4WD. I have a warm house with lots of fabric and thread. I have DH who has a snowblower and knows how to use it. He looks so handsome when his eyebrows ice over. Truly!

I'm more concerned with how to locate and excavate the garbage and green bins. Bins are filling up in here, and I'm becoming concerned. The future may be smelly.

OK. One pic. This is a sight we saw last week while shopping for the furniture. The sun and warm had been making some headway. I'm wondering what it looks like now!

We have a couch in the kitchen now. We ordered furniture for the adjoining family room, and that led to new paint, and that led to drywall repairs, insulation, drywall replacement and much sanding. Then there was painting (and that ceiling need a freshening too). The floor hasn't been refinished and wouldn't that be nice. We are really looking forward to that furniture!

Meanwhile I can see why people would put a couch in the kitchen. If you read any novel with a Newfoundland setting (try Michael Crummy, he's excellent!) they always have a couch. It's comfy, great for chats and perfect when you can't be bothered to move. It's also really close to the fridge. Very handy. I think in Newfoundland it's meant for those who have had a bit too much rum and can't make it home. Ooooo! I'd like to try that! And now I can!

Now I'm going back to my sewing. Next post will be on pants and the FBA for pants. I didn't know I needed one down there! It was a rude awakening. The diet begins.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Smile! It will help to melt the ice.

Yes, we have had lots of snow. Yep, it then condensed into a black hole of ice dams, driveway glaciers and snowbanks that will not finish melting until....maybe June.

But the snow as it falls has been beautiful! The cold has been sharp and clear! We have more sun time in our day and this too will pass! May as well be happy and enjoy the pleasure hacking at ice with a pick can bring.

DH is putting finishing touches on his workshop. The hockey table is set up and I am learning to play. It's exhausting! All that yelling at the goalie takes everything I've got! I keep forgetting I have to move him myself. You'd think he'd just know!

It's good weather for quilts. Here is my latest. I think it looks better in real life. I made it extra long so the top can tuck under and over the pillows. Just a whim! The top looked a bit blah until the Great P chose a wild variegated thread and a lovely loopy quilting pattern. She is truly one with the long arm quilter now! She did an amazing job and I love it!

The strip on the back was an experiment. Next time I won't centre it and I will have it go all the way to both ends. The strip was actually part of the quilt top, but it then wouldn't fit on the quilting frame. I did get a bit carried away.


So now I'm working on another embroidered appliqué quilt. This one is called Mixed Mutts. It's just fun!

So now I am working on pants - also known as "the impossible fit' challenge. Tonight's discovery is that perhaps I need to add fabric at the crotch to make it smaller and less wrinkly. I seem to have a frowny front crotch (note, the pants!). This 3D visualization is very difficult. My head hurts a little.

The pants are a Style Arc pattern (Wallis) I downloaded from Etsy. Easy, cheap and fit together perfectly! I had tried out the Barb free download and could not get them to fit me. They were huuuuge! This time, on a whim I measured that little square they tell you to measure for accuracy's sake. I almost always do - and I tell people to check it. The Wallis pattern had to be scaled down to 86% to get it accurate! Wow! I take back all those bad thoughts I had about Barb's pants. I personally know the Barb those pants were designed for, and felt terrible I couldn't get them to fit. I may just pop back and give them another go - if I can get that fitting frown to disappear, and not transition into the dreaded smiley alteration.

Wish me luck.