Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Amazing Self Binding, Self Mitering Hexagon!

I love the simplicity of this technique. The regional Pfaff/Husqvarna representative showed it to me. She is amazing and generous with great ideas! I hope you have fun with it too. I have uploaded the file to GoogleDocs. If the link doesn't work, I'll get it fixed soon.

The Hexagon Tutorial

Saturday, 12 April 2014

And They Pay Me Money For This!

Yesterday we had a sew day at the shop. We were all working on the Easter kit, embroidering little chicks and hens on linens and making lace bunnies. Does it really matter what you're doing when sewers get together? My boss calls this work!

Now, go back and look at the word sewers. It seems to be one of those words where context is everything. Brits say 'machinists'. There has to be a better choice than sewers. Suggestions?

The Great P showed me how to load 1 chick embroidery into the machine, select a shape and # of repetitions, and Poof! Three chicks dancing in a circle! So cool! Seriously people, 2 steps!

So after I embroidered a few chicks I worked on a quilt sampler I was making to showcase a colour line of fabric in the shop. I rather like it and wanted to do something with it, and there was this neat quilting technique I saw on a web site. I'm in the back looking for batting, as I intended to do a 'quilt as you go' technique to make things go quickly. I found this bale of Hobbs 2 sided fusible batting. I've never used this for quilting before and hadn't thought of a use or it - but maybe the stars had aligned?

I put teflon sheets down on the ironing board and fused my backing first. Mind you, I'm working with a piece about 45" by 30". It was quite manageable. Then I cut the top background fabric into 2 1/2" strips (width of fabric) and the flaps into 4 1/2" strips. The flaps (olive green prints) were pressed in half lengthwise with right sides out. I couldn't decide which of 3 colours would make a better background, so I seamed 3 possibilities together so we could see all 3 (black, white, yellow). I was trying to showcase fabric, after all.

Now for the fun. I put the first background piece (black, white showing) right side up on the batting, placed a flap on top and then another background fabric wrong side down.

I sewed down the seam and opened the background  pieces up. Then I pressed them carefully to the batting. You don't want to get that fusible on your iron or your board, so a press cloth is a good idea.

Here you see the white/yellow part of the background being fused to the batting. The green flaps are facing away from the background and covering the other background strips.

Now the fabric fused quite nicely and I didn't need pins at that point! It was a quilt as you go project with a major helping hand! The fabric stayed fairly straight without any fuss on my part. Now if the piece had been bigger, I would have done some careful alignment, just in case.

However, I always prewash my fabric, and I didn't in this case as I was at the store and just doing a sample. The fabric did shrink a titch as I pressed and fused it. You could see this, and the batting did not seem to shrink. Therefore the fabric looks slightly stretched and strained. Interesting! I have some leftovers to play with.

 Here are the strips all sewn. Next you put the twist in place by stitching the flaps in alternate directions. I love to play with decorative stitches and thought this would be an excellent place for such. If only I would do as I was told!

If you look at that machine you can see the foot selection (upper left) indicates a 2A foot with no IDT (walking foot equivalent). The stitch goes in too many directions to stitch well with the top layer tugged as well. I forgot to check that, and my stitch was not pretty. Listen to your machine, people! You need to follow the directions! That's why you have all those pretty feet!


Here you can see the flaps sewn in alternate directions. Now, I love the fabric, and this shows it off well. The technique would make a really neat cuddly quilt! Scrap buster? Single colour family?

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Sewing Sisters

The sewing retreat last week was excellent! I could relax and just work through projects without any time constraints at all. That eliminates a lot of the frustration that comes up as you rush to get the fitting right, or screw up some step and have to redo it. You have time. You really learn a lot by just giving the process sustained attention. I made leggings and embroidered one of the legs. I worked through a top as a wearable muslin for a dress. I call it the Happy Hippo dancing outfit. Someday I may show you why. Really, it requires a video rather than a still shot. Then I got half way through the dress. For those who were there, inserting a zipper in a seam that breaks into a pleat is proving interesting. I'll let you all know how that goes.

Beyond that,  we just had a great time. We all kind of knew each other before we started, but we really enjoyed the time together as women escaping from the world for a bit. Thursday we had a stretching class (sitting is the new smoking). We went for a pub crawl (1 pub counts in my book) and then went back to sew.  Friday I gave a guided tour of Value Village for those who had interest. Several did. Saturday we tried for a fish dinner (closed), a repeat pub crawl (packed) and ended up at a pizza joint with a rather colourful clientele. Quite entertaining! Sunday morning saw a return visit to the local Farmer's/Craft market. But my fav part may have been the people who dropped in for a day of sewing and brought snack! Love snack!

I bought a bottle of wine for late night sewing. I took most of it home. We were having too much fun. There was a marvellous gift bag for each participant and a well stocked prize table. Prizes were awarded to everyone at least once a day, or when triumph or tragedy warranted. I asked the local Pfaff/Husqvarna representative for gifts as well as the Sew With Vision (Herring Cove dealer) and one of her fabric representatives. They were all pleased to contribute and really outdid any of my thoughts on the matter! People can be so nice.

The local paper has a column by Jan Wong. She happened to write this week about her sewing club. It's quite a different take on sewing, but only from an 'out front' point of view. I think we can all understand what she is talking about and count ourselves lucky when we find ourselves in a similar position. For me it's important to spend time with women in my sewing club, whether it's actually my sewing guild or lace group or work car pool or Pilates class.

When I was young I don't think I understood how important these relationships would or could be. Now that I do, I find I still need to remember to take time and enjoy time with other women in that context. It's a habit I didn't get into when I was young. I'm always happy on my own, but I feel myself shrinking without others around. When I am with other women I feel connected. Quite simply it stretches me and opens me up.

If only I could break that damn 5' barrier, instead of the scale barriers I seem to be breaking lately.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Planning and Prep

I am getting ready for 4 days of sewing with friends next week. I am just starting to get soooo excited! Bit like Christmas, I think. DH and I went to the sewing room tonight and we laid out heaps of fabric and a variety of pattern ideas. Mostly my pattern ideas consist of magazine pictures or pattern line drawings - as to get them to fit I use my Wild Ginger software to draft my own.

We went through the possibilities and made some excellent decisions. That man is so helpful! Now I'm drafting patterns, cutting them out and bagging up the needed supplies. This should fill up my time between now and then. I plan to get a heap load of sewing done! It will be a no quilting zone. I need to get back to my roots. DH is getting a nice batik short sleeve shirt. He's a bit apprehensive about the pattern. Actually, he's apprehensive about all patterned fabric, on him.

I'm even auditioning wines for the event. There's a nice Chocolat Rouge currently in the running. Of course, if it makes the cut, I'll have to replace that empty bottle.  OOoh! Just remembered! There's a NSLC just across the street! Excellent.

Saturday, 15 March 2014


"Squirrel!" is what the Great P says when I get a new idea in the middle of the old idea. I am somewhat known to wander from one good thing to another. If I could only have someone follow me about and remember where I was.

When I taught I could always spot the child in my class (6 to 8 years old) who would be the one to know where I left my tea and what I was about to do before that loose tooth dropped out of current circulation. I could identify that child in the first week. We would have a quiet word. The best of them could cue me without any words passing between the two of us. I miss those days. The Great P is not a bad substitute, but 6 year olds never laughed at the teacher. They understood me. Wonderful!

As mentioned, the ducks are back. There is the wonderful pair of ducks we have every year, she with the limp and he with the watchful demeanour. Now, of course the other latecomers have joined in. There was a waiting queue lined up on the top of the garden shed roof this evening. These ducks fly away when we open the door. The regular pair just quack hello and shuffle over a bit to leave room for the new corn.

Lots of corn available. DH bought a 40 kg bag this week. Word on the pond is out. I understand it will attract pheasants as well. They look after the bugs in the garden. They also have a high cute factor.

There's a new house being built up the street. Two young men are working on site all the time. Remember the days when construction workers would whistle and call out naughty invitations when you went by? I did a lot of running when I was somewhat younger, and this was a problem at times. It was, until the day I realized that these poor men just wished they looked as good as I did. I let them know of my epiphany. We both felt better. They did back up a bit when I stopped, smiled and approached to tell them.

Squirrel! Well, back to those men. Don't you just want to hang out the window and tell them that you wished you looked half as good as they do? Their mothers should be proud.

I taught a class on my purse organizer today. What a lovely day with some lovely ladies! They were in fine humour and had good insight that will help me refine those instructions. All went well until we had to sew the sides together and add bias binding. Darn good thing it's the last step, as it is The Last Step regardless. It's a wrestle the first (and twentieth) time through, but it does get easier and it is doable. You try and make up to 10 layers of fabric turn a corner with a 1/4" sa! Yoda said it best with "There is no try, only do or do not.".

We all agreed wine was deserved and earned. It's really not a difficult project. We're just not used to those tiny seams and tight working conditions. However, everyone's organizer fit perfectly and was very flattering to their figure.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Paging Dr. DuPuis!

On the bike today I watched a playlist on YouTube from Craftsy. It was a series of different quilters stash busting, each over a 2 minute silent video. Very intertaining! They seem to have other playlists. I like a quick little whatever when I'm biking. Sometimes the full classes are a bit too intense for my oxygen starved brain.

Just LOOK! at what I found this weekend! It's a vintage, but never used doctor's bag - still has the key to lock it up! This is my new handbag of choice. However it doesn't get to go just anywhere. For the first time ever I am considering if an outing is bag worthy, and using my previous bag (to the back) when it isn't. To the rescue - my bag organizer! I just pop it out and everything still goes with me. I have improved that pattern recently. Mostly I added better stabilizer so it stands proud and does't spit out my cards at will. If you look closely, I even have a prescription in there to be renewed!

Friday, 7 February 2014

I Live in a Snow Globe, and It Is Good

I got flack from the Great 'in Training' L regarding my last post. She says I am very outgoing, etc. I still say you should work to cherish and foster your friends. You can never get too much friend. When you retire your friend contact opportunities change. It's something to consider.

It's been snowing lately - softly, like a snow globe. The view in a snow globe is spectacular! You should stop and admire the flakes whenever they present themselves for admiration. It's something that really makes me a nester. I want to light the fire (using the remote, of course) and snuggle in with a good book or sewing project. Two sides of my view....

So after a hard snow the other night I needed to get up and go to work (1 day a week, very taxing). The snow was deep. The car was very cold. I was not surging forth to the driveway with enthusiasm. No. Then... I look out to discover the driveway clear and both vehicles warming for my selection! I live in a perfect snow globe!

So, those who know me know my love of shoes and bags. I need a good selection and lots of glam. On a budget I shop the dumpster diving spots looking for unworn shoes (they are out there) and vintage evening bags. I do have a formidable collection.

So I'm at the new Sally Anne near work and they have a silent auction. There, on the shelf are a pair of lovely pink Manola Blahnik pumps! I plunk down a bid of $30 and win!!!! Actually, as the only bidder I could perhaps have had them for the minimum bid of $20, but why take a chance? It does go to a good cause.

They actually fit! I found that out after I got them home. However, the heels are 4 1/4" high and it seems that is just above my ability to stand or walk - at all. I may just put them on a shelf, label out of course. That was what I had planned. DH has offered to build said shelf. He truly understands me, that man.