Monday, 30 November 2015

Ode To My Flannel Sheets

Ode To Flannel Sheets

O Flannel sheets!
How I love you so!
From my softly cradled face
To my well snuggled toes.

I love you so.

It is impossible to leave you
In the early hour.
Who are we kidding?
To leave you at any time
Just makes me sour.

So sour.

I was once inconsolable
During your week in the wash
I bought a second pair
The pleasure is now endless -

(dash rhymes with wash, kind of)

Endless love.

May you never wear out.
May you never defuzz
I celebrate your glory
Until June, because

At that time your welcome
Is a bit overstayed.
I switch to white cotton
Much to your dismay.

But you get to do the snuggle
With your partner pair
To the closet you go.
Your dark warm lair.

But for now, I love you so.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015


We went to Lunenburg this weekend. DH took a course in stone carving with Heather Lawson. It was perfect and he came away ready to get into it. We certainly have the backyard for it and we both like that sort of thing. He has that sense of space and proportion that should serve him well. He's aiming for a turtle some day. I'm betting on one enormous and beautiful turtle. We stayed over Saturday night in a local Inn. There are 10,000 little inns in Lunenburg.

It was interesting to visit another UNESCO heritage site after spending time in Bath. The two sites have a lot in common. Both adhere to a particular type of architecture. Both are on a hill overlooking water. They have obvious pride in their physical presence and an awareness of their role as a heritage site.

I've not walked above the waterfront in Lunenburg before. You can walk the whole place in a few hours and it's worth the time. In fact, I did it several times. There are nicely placed signposts telling you some of the details of different houses. It has the biggest bandstand I've ever seen! The town has free wifi! Great to help tourists get around, and you can buy more data if you need to. In Bath I was annoyed by being unable to access an online walking tour as I was walking. It wouldn't download either. In Lunenburg I could see if Kate's was open for breakfast, and it was!

Kate's Catering and Cafe was a highlight! Just go. I used it as my base for snack and warming. Centrally located in the shopping zone.

And OOOOOH! the shopping! First, they have a Lunenburg Makery! It was so much like the Bath Makery - just like twins! Lovely little shop for makers of all things. They have a series of their own kits - many wool felt stuffed animals, etc. They carry some modern fabric, sewing and craft supplies and have studio machines for rent as well as classes. Lovely!

But upstairs and next door there is a clothing shop that makes on site some/much of their stock. Well made, simple designs, lovely fabric and good prices. $99 for a sheath dress in a beautiful yummy fabric. I found all the clothing stores to have good, well curated stock. Quality, not overpriced and much of local or Canadian origin. The home dec stores were similar. It's worth the trip. I'd have to say I liked it better than Mahone Bay (My mother just rolled over and groaned. No worries. She's done that before!).

It could be that I had no rush. Nothing could be better than 2 days to just mosey and poke your nose into nooks and crannies. It was just what the soul needs at times. I also got to hear church bells in play and as I walked by some holy building I could hear hymns being sung. At Kate's later I got to hear about the minister and how the Sunday School activities were progressing. It was like eavesdropping on a community, but in a  nice way. It was a privilege I very much thank them for.

Ooops. I've dangled a participle. And I liked it!

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Shedding a Tear of Joy

Sorry about that last post. I've been thinking about it all week. Takes me right back to adolescence and all the crazy things that go through your mind then. And university, and all the things that go on there. It's a wonder we ever come out of the bathroom. It's safer in there. Why do women take so long to get ready to go out? Avoidance tactic. We would rather avoid the possibilities.

Haters gonna hate. Shake it off.

AND..... my fabulous body image is back!!!!!! Missed you baby! So glad you're back!

DH and I have been working on a joint project in the man cave. We had an old footstool in front of the fire for the cats to warm up on. Now that we have said goodbye to the last of our little ones it was time to recover and reconstruct. We cut it down in width and used the extra fabric we purchased when we purchased our fireside chairs. Now we have a footstool built for 2! Ignore the lighting. The fabric matches perfectly. DH says it could fit 2, maybe 3 cats.

DH keeps reminiscing about our feline 5. I've always left the decision about future animal commitment up to him. That's his field. Currently, with the number of cat videos I am being shown (as I write!) I expect him to start building cat toys soon. (Listen. He's laughing at cute cats again!)

Currently DH can do no wrong anyway. Bring on those cats, I say! We went to the Forum Craft and Antique Show today. I didn't think we'd get past the antiques, but I didn't think it would be me not needing to look any further! I'm checking out trinkets and china when he pops over to say "Did you see the Wilcox and Gibbs?".

I know what you're thinking. How amazing is it to have a man who not only knows the history of the bustle, but can spot an amazing antique sewing machine find? I have that man. We scooped that puppy up for a reasonable price and brought her home. I still have heart palpitations when I think of it! I almost cried, right there on the floor. I did hug the seller. He was pleased with my enthusiasm. And as usual, I scored big and DH found squat. Poor man. He's still using my PayPal account for his eBay purchases, so life isn't all that bad for him. I understand I have a tire gauge for a ModelT arriving soon. So PayPal tells me.

We also bought Robertson candies. Christmas tradition. Made in Truro, and better chicken bones than Ganong by a mile! Mmmmm. A perfect day.

Thursday, 5 November 2015