Sunday, 28 April 2013

How to Build An Amazing Stone wall!

DH has been planning all winter. I asked about raised beds for my vegetable garden, thinking a nice wooden border would tidy things up a bit. I was thinking of going to the junkyard and picking up some used 2x10's. To replace the junks of scrap I had used last year. Like this.


Well if I was thinking that way I should have kept my mouth shut and done it myself. My man likes to do things up proud, and this is no exception. The man is a frickin' genius, and he had a dream.

First you get 2 sheets of 3/4" plywood and a handful of 2x4's and build forms. 

No! No! First you spend hours and hours planning, scribbling notes, measuring dirt piles, confusing the wife with questions and details. The dreaming stage goes on for a very long time. It leads to better implementation though, I've found. Here he is percolating in the chairs he built me for Christmas.

Then off to the quarry (it's just next door) and return with 3 piles of sand, gravel and pretty rocks. 

Now you place a layer of sand in the bottom of the form and pat it down by hand. It should be about 3/4" thick. 

Then wash off the pretty rocks and carefully place then, 1 at a time, in the sand - just like a jigsaw puzzle. Wiggle each rock in place so it's downward face is snuggled in the sand where the concrete can't get to it.

Add some steel mesh for luck.

Mix 2 wheelbarrows full of concrete and gently pour them on top of the rocks. Tap gently with a chunk of 2x4 to settle the gravel into the soup.

Wait a day. Tip the form over (while praying and swearing, both at the same time). The form pops off, more or less. Hold your breath, as you really don't have a clue if things worked out. Brush off the sand layer....

And behold! An amazing section of garden wall! Ready to be strapped to it's partners (metal straps have been designed, ordered and await). 

Do you like the rock layout? That was my contribution. I have 4 done, 12 more to go. One rock at a time. However I'm not the one who has to wrestle the walls into position. The man has a plan for that too. Can't wait.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Moving on to martinis

DH tried a Martini. For a man who doesn't drink, it seemed to go down well.

I was here 5 days before I realized I hadn't shaved my armpits. How did DH not notice? Most people here are German, it seems. They didn't seem to notice either.

If you're going to play in the surf, plan on finding sand in all sorts of places.

When the owner's daughter is getting married at your resort, expect a lot of sprucing and new chairs. Every day new things arrive.

I get some email here. Not that I care, but it did allow me to sign up for the corset class at NSCAD. It starts next month I think. I don't really need a corset, but won't this be fun? Also, when you take classes like this from someone new you learn so much.  It's on Thursday nights. Who else is up for it?

Monday, 8 April 2013

Tequila Makes my Clothes Come Off

Do you know that song? Look it up. I've had a tequila night.

Our maid is a tucker. You have to pry your way into bed at night. However the chocolate truffle son the pillow do give you strength. DH gives me his share cause he loves me. Or knows what's good for him. One of the 2.

Something bit me at the pool just before dinner. I'm thinking spider. Right cheek. Yep, that one. It made a red spot. Very sore, but the tequila seems to have done some good there.

Someone got married on the beach today. It took 10 minutes and I marvelled that she didn't blow away. It's windy on most Dominican afternoons. Not my ideal wedding scenario. It happened in the middle of us beach bums. Some time this month the daughter of the resort owner gets married here. Needless to say people are painting and raking everywhere.

Now the wind makes for great bobbing. One beach is really pounded by surf and you can bob for hours. The shoreline drops off suddenly and coming back to shore can be a bit abrupt. If you miss your cue you face plant in the sand. That can be as much fun as the bobbing.

Now I need to put that tequila to bed. Night!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Dominican Delights

We are here. I never thought I would blog on vacation, but here I am as DH washes ff the day's sunscreen and prepares to moisturize.

Our room is so cute! We are on the top floor of the main bldg and all the rooms there re tucked into the eaves like an afterthought. I think they were. You take the elevator to the 4th floor and walk up.  The ceiling is white boarding directly attached to the roof like a cottage. Our deck is an xtenion of the peaked roof and very private. When it rains the tin roof is so lovely.

We got in late Thursday and there was food waiting n the room for us. Yum!

The sun is hot and the water is perfect.

Shirts and rum arrived for us today. They love us here and we love them.

Pardon the spelling. Tiny ants are all over my iPad and I find it hard to move the cursor. I've asked them to move on, but they seem to be Spanish speaking.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Peep Show!

Peeps make a lovely Easter addition to hot chocolate. In our family an Easter basket may arrive on your doorstep on Saturday night. One arrived on mine, and it was complete with peeps! 

I have been sewing with a maniacal frenzy. We are going to the Dominican for 2 weeks and I was under the impression I had nothing to wear. As I have now checked, I can say I was wrong, but the frenzied need lingers. I tried to buy a beach coverup today, and couldn't. Home I went and 'whipped' one up that I like much better. I may need a 12 step program, or drugs. Or a vacation! That's it! I'll go on a vacation!

Of course we have a house sitter for the cat. This means I clean house tomorrow like never before. Damn. Really going to need this vacation. The MIL is coming! She's a very sweet person. I like her.

My new dress form has arrived. That will be my first sewing project when I get back. It has a cover that gets fitted to me like a sausage skin. I understand I need a lot of help with the stuffing. Should be interesting.

DH is out in the garage tonight. He spent the winter taking his 30 year old Porsche apart (and I do mean apart) and now it's going back together with great success. He is amazing, that man. Changing the oil would have impressed me, but he had to take it to a whole new level. It is a very pretty shiny red car. I can't wait for our first trip. 

I saw a 2 headed woman walking down the street. She had a little baby head behind her usual mommy head. Her baby was inside her coat and somehow attached to her back. The coat was the amazing part. It seemed to have a hinged part - with expansion pleats in the back to make a baby pouch. It looked as if it would fold up when baby wasn't there. Impressive!

Car update! The man is hoisting a brew to celebrate adding oil to the engine! If only he knew that's all it takes to impress me. I'm an easy woman.