Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Meet Ramona!

DH has been really bored lately and has taken to (OMG!) eBay and Kigigi for entertainment. He is dreaming of a man cave and all the proper decor items this may require. I could run screaming in all directions, but there is a silver lining to most things if you just look. He's shopping. I like to shop. He's looking at old and unique things. I like those too.

So, blah, blah, blah... here's Ramona!


She is a lovely table top hand crank. She seems to turn over (a bit stiffly) but both the bobbin and shuttle are in place. I have great hopes for a working machine. The decals are in beautiful shape. Look at the take up lever. It goes sideways! I also picked up a folding needle book. It has a complete selection of every needle you're ever need - even a cute little bodkin and a tiny crochet hook. This shop (Great Village) had other sewing items as well, and said they get more on a regular basis. Thread spools, buttons, pins, treadles and a few hand cranks. 

Now I have researched Ramona and can't find any info. The shuttle is marked Davis. I can't find a Davis that looks like her, and I don't see indication that Davis badged for others or parted out pieces. The hunt will continue. I'm also not sure how many machines I have now, but we're in the double digits somewhere.  My rule is that they have to work, be unique and at this point small, so I can fit them in the room. Ramona is living in the kitchen for now. You have to introduce the new member to the pack carefully and slowly, so as to avoid quibbles and overt chest thumping. 

I love them all equally, but you know how it is.