Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Be Kind to Frogs

Dh ran a big car rally this weekend and it was a huge success! This is a growing sport and he's been a big part of bringing it along. I am a big help of course. Someone needs to mop the worried brow. Well, people drove very fast and had a great time. Our car (lent to friends) ended up on an off road excursion, so it won't be home for a few days. It's resting and recuperating. I've sent a card and flowers. I decided I was too tired to watch DH unload the truck, so it waited till Monday.

So Friday we were setting up the course when we came to what would be a fast corner. A rut in the road had a bit of water and a smallish frog residing. We knew froggie had no chance against the cars and there was no other water to move him to. Not a problem. On Saturday DH transported said frog to a safer and wetter location some way down the road, using the approved amphibian transportation device below. Good thing I asked before my next Tim's stop.

Just to give you an even clearer look at DH, he set up a fruit fly trap next to his fruit bowl. It looked almost like mine (glass of vinegar with plastic wrap on top) on the other side of the kitchen, but instead of poking holes with a knife to let the flies in to their drowning death he used a fork to make breathing holes. Love that man! I just can't figure out why he had more flies than I did.

Yesterday I took Percy for a walk. We got to the top of the driveway hill and he plopped down to watch traffic go by below. Therefore I pulled up 2 chairs (he got the one with the cushion) and we sat and sipped a cold drink for quite some time. If karma comes around the way it should, someone will push me out there in my wheelchair when I get to that point. Most pleasant.

On Saturday I went to Lake Banook to watch the Canadian Canoe Championships. My sisters and I met Olympian Emilie Fournel when we presented her with a trophy (in memory of our mother) for Senior Ladies K1. She was just lovely! We were pleased to find her a reasonable height! I spent a great day with the sibs seeing all the people we hadn't seen in the four years since the last Nationals. Thanks for the beer, Kim!

It rained today and I read a book. I was going to go off and do 'worthwhile' things, but then I couldn't figure out why, so I didn't. Tomorrow, the sewing room I think.

Friday, 24 August 2012

I may have said too much about my bottom in the last post. Sorry. The Canadian love affair continues, however.

This week the Canadian Championships for flat water sprint canoe and kayak are in town on Lake Banook. All the Olympic paddlers are there, so it's got great eye candy. I remember my paddling days fondly, but I don't miss the wonderful feeling of sheer terror and nausea as you approach the start line. There's a whole new generation experiencing that this weekend. Good on you!

DH and I are working hard on his race this weekend. He is the organizer for the Ledwidge Lookoff Rally.  Today we put up signs and kick rocks off the course. It's dirt road racing at its best, people! Actually it's as close to a date as we get lately, so I make the best of it. When it's over I should have my man back again. The next race is much less work, so we get to compete as well. I hope to repeat my great success as navigator, and maybe get up the guts to drive as well. We'll see.

Now I'm off to walk the cats before we leave. My cats are quite old, so they do a round or two of the driveway. It is a long driveway. At this point they actually walk at my heel quite well, with me going "Don't eat that!" all the way around. Grass makes them barf. If they would get that out of their systems before they come in, I'd be fine with that.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Bottoms Up!

I'm so glad to be a Canadian. We take so much for granted at times. You have to love a country where they nag call you kindly to come get your breasts neatly pressed and folded once a year so you know they are lump free. I do miss the cute BB shot markers they used to use to mark the 'apex', but that's supposed to be better technology, so full steam ahead I say.

Now they want to know about my bottom! They seem to have a rather selective interest in just the private and personal bits! I got this lovely package in the mail so they can sample my poo in search of non poo things. It's a screening that all of us 'rounding the bend' people get. Finally an answer to "Does my poo stink?". I've always wondered. Can't wait to find out!

Now I could live somewhere else where they really don't care to ask or answer these important questions.  Unless you have a lot of money or are a king or something. Nope. Here in Canada they love my bits and pieces regardless. Thank you. Much appreciated.

Friday, 17 August 2012

The Supportive Gardener

I'm looking out the window and for the hundredth time telling DH that the pear is too droopy (he's not even there). We have some fruit trees and decided to pick the blossoms this year as they are still young. Next year they will be old enough to do their thing. However we missed a few and the pear tree is having a pair of pears. So exciting! One beauty is on a low branch and is getting weighty. We are so proud. The branch has been bowing and I couldn't stand it any longer.
It's now nicely supported by a crutch. You just can't do enough for your children, can you? If the deer find this one I may cry. I hear if I go out and pee nearby....

Nope. It's just a pear. Get over it.

New yarn store in town! Dartmouth Yarns, across from the post office on Queen St.  They have some lovely selections. www.DartmouthYarns.com They had some interesting jewelry kits, along with the usual eye candy.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Post Olympics

They're over, and I feel the withdrawal. Love Custio Clayton (still don't understand boxing) and the women's soccer team.

I finished a shirt for DH. He has yet to wear it, and I need to check fit. I think the shoulders are off. I've also never fit a man before. There are no curves! I'm needing to check man pics to see how those shoulders should look. You'd think I should be able to look at shirts he owns, but I have and none of them look good. Why haven't I seen this before?

I am almost finished the cute pink sweater. I know, it's like not making it to the finals, as the sleeves are not done and I have a side to complete too. A Ravelympic failure. I forge on, as I do have a September deadline. I do know now how to make holes (lace like holes) in knitting. Holes that are meant to be. They aren't too difficult, but I talk to myself through the whole row and swat those who dare to talk to me then. I have ripped too many stitches out! Go away!

The coat I planned is not cut out yet. I traced off a size and then decided it would not do. It's not an easy decision. I've been sleeping on it, and will have another go tomorrow perhaps.

BUT!!!! I spent 2 wonderful days at the Merb! I scored an invite from a friend to her cottage at Melmerby Beach and it was so beautiful! We kayaked, ate, drank, swam (she made me get wet all over!). She is truly one of those people who do everything for guests. I came prepared with food and stuff but I had to be very strong. If you don't exercise a lot of self discipline she will cater to your every whim and relax you to the point of coma. From a coma position it is very difficult to help with the dishes. I know. I tried. This was not my first visit and I wasn't completely shameless. Somewhat, but not completely. This of course was motivated by the fact that I am always keen for more invites.

There was entertainment. Lots of small children roam the beach and all the cottages are arranged like the Kennedy compound. Everyone is more or less related, so little cousins play with little cousins all day long. It's the way summer life is meant to be I think.

I went to Staples last night, and not because it was August. Teachers get the itch in August to buy pencils and shiny things. I couldn't find the non school item I was after and left without anything. Yah! There were families (unhappy families) buying school supplies everywhere. I think I must be truly retired. I had no itch or urge. Feeling good!

Monday, 6 August 2012


I'm loving the Olympics! It's been a rainy week, so I have been inside glued to the TV or iPad screen and working on my promised Olympic projects. CTV has been doing a great job and their iPad app is excellent! I use that as my portable TV and can check on what's going on easily.

I may have to bite the bullet and buy bifocals. For sewing or knitting I take glasses off. Then I can't see the TV and have to treat it like radio - just listen. Depending on how intense things are, I may lose crafting time as I need to watch. It's a trade off and these are 2 of my fav things! I shouldn't have to choose. Damn!

My socks are done. They were going to be a present, but I made too many mistakes. I will love them just the way they are. Perhaps those missed stitches were intentional in a subconscious manner, as I do love the yarn. I could not knit without youtube. Those toes were grafted in front of my fav toe grafting video. I'd never remember something so tedious that gets used for 2 minutes 3 times a year. Now I don't have to and I knit on fearlessly. See how the socks match? They were knit from 2 different balls of yarn. I didn't know they knit up identically until I was 3/4 of the way through! Nice!

I also youtubed lace stitches today so I could start the Felicity sweater. Felicity is my nephew's (and wife's) latest production. I wanted to try lace stitches and a baby sweater is small. The plan is to finish this by the end of the Olympics. Hopefully there aren't too many tense Olympic moments coming up to slow me down. Is that optimistic or pessimistic thinking?

I have been sewing up a storm. I want to get some fitting issues solved and out of the way. I think I have a pretty good T-shirt fit finally. The armscye still needs work, but I'm happy for now. I have a new T-shirt and expanded that pattern into a dress. With the dress I went with a crew neckline. I never do that, but I decided it's easier to cut the neckline when the garment is ready to finish. I popped the dress on and liked it the way it was. DH thought it was a good look for me as well. Crew necks are supposed to be bad for short busty women (men too, probably). I may need to rethink this. Perhaps it's the fabric. It's quite a vivid pattern. As to the dress, I think it needs a bit more flare in the skirt. I also took a lesson from my 1912 garments and curved the back seam at the waist. This really makes a difference and feels so nice. It makes putting in a back seam worth the effort.

I debuted the Jolie pattern for a tennis skirt. Oh I love that pattern! It's been for its first walk/run in the park and it was perfect! Comfortable and practical! Pockets in the side panels. Wide waistband. Perfect length and so well designed and instructions that work well! I will Jalie again!