Monday, 26 September 2016

Open For Dinner Invitations

Sophie the swimsuit is in a drawer. She is having a little time out to think about what size underwire she might like, and why the cups are too big.

Yes, I said too big.

We are renovating our kitchen. It looked like this as I came down here to post, and I hear plaster smashing as I tap away.
I think the beam between the kitchen and family room is biting the dust at this moment. It has a sag, brought on by it's inadequate size. Size matters when it comes to beams. We will be going bigger.

This all started when I wanted to paint the cabinets. They were mid tone oak. I was tired of that. However, this means removing the cabinets and sending them out to be painted. (Have you priced that lately!!!!!) Of course, a new countertop would set off the paint job nicely, and let's get a backsplash while we're at it. Repaint the walls - oh, let's do the whole house. It looks old.

So, what happened to the walls? Well, why not throw in a little insulation, check the wiring and reroute the heating ducts? No, the flooring will not match the new decor, so it's going and will be resurrected in slate with underfloor heating.

My man's imagination knows no bounds. At least this sort of thing keeps him out of trouble. He is happiest when holding tools and being professional. True to form he kept the dishwasher hooked up and running. Certain creature comforts cannot be abandoned! However, you do need 3 hands to do the dishes. One for the dish, one for the rack and one to keep the whole thing from falling flat on its face. They tip easily, apparently, when not hooked up under a counter.

I try to be helpful. I tote, fetch and admire. It's what I do best. We eat a lot of toast.

I shall be hiding out in the sewing room. I just finished a quilt. I pieced the top on my 1893 Singer treadle and quilted it on my 2016 Pfaff Creative Sensation Pro 2. It doesn't get any better than that! I really do need to measure and work to a plan. My quilts are often a bit strangely shaped. This one is too long and too narrow - and I cut some off as it was! I just get carried away, and the math takes time and makes my head hurt. This is the Lotus pattern from Jaybird quilts. I'm betting that reading the instructions more carefully might have helped with the finished size. The pattern uses the Hex n More ruler. I do like a nice hexy. I was a bit worried about dealing with a lot of bias edges, but they worked out just fine.