Sunday, 27 May 2012

It may be a long night. We've run out of duck and bird seed. There has been a steady parade of fowl up and down the driveway, quacking, since noon. My ring tone is a quack, and it makes me jump when I hear quacking. The chipmunk went into the hoe hut and checked on the food situation for himself. I've not heard those words from a chipmunk before, and I plan to refresh stock tomorrow promptly so I never hear them again. Here are ducks, pacing in the driveway. They actually look in the window and quack!

I did spend the day at lace guild. I have started an edging that I plan to make lots of. I want to get some serious practice in. The pattern is a good level of challenge for me, I've only ripped out a few parts (twice) since I started. I make a roller pillow to work on. I have a little roller to work off of, and as you get some inches done they release off the back side and you keep going. Good in theory. I got some suggestions fro modifications from the other lacers. I will practice tonight and hopefully every day until I feel more comfortable. It's a cute little pattern. Other lacers bring show and tell to our meetings. We aren't even in the same ballpark, people. Mine looks like string in an organized tangle next to theirs. However, someday.

I have been sewing and also bought some patterns this week. I don't use patterns often, but I do like the idea of someone else designing for me. It's tricky figuring out what design detail to put where. I need to make a Chanel jacket and I got a pattern for that. I bought this wonderful Chanel fabric years ago in Montreal and it's time to move on it. I also saw some amazing macrame type lace trim today and wonder how that's done. Then I got a lovely slinky vintage evening dress that will make a better nightgown. I have some silk charmeuse that wants to be that dress. I have people who travel with me who need to know I have a nightie. Fussy people, you know who you are!

Do you ever watch the Turner Classic Movie Channel? I love the vintage dresses. I saw a great dress with a cutout neckline, and a little band at the neckline to close off the dip demurely. This nightie pattern has a top with that sort of feature. I love old movies. The clothes are so amazing. If you watched The Help you know what I mean.

Speaking of vintage, I went to the Kermesse fair yesterday. I have gone every year for about 30 years. It's really evolved. It's much smaller now and there are fewer bargains. I did rescue some doilies and then scored some amazing beaded belts. Now I finally have something to wear with my sequinned jacket when Dallas returns to TV this summer. I can't wait!

Now last weekend the sisters and I went on our annual Mother's Day adventure. As usual we went the weekend after Mother's Day. Easier to get in to wherever we end up. Less crowd. So we loaded up little brother (we feared we might need a driver). First we drove to Kingsport to get him and it was so nice there that we never left. Well, we did go into town for wine and wieners. They have both at the CoOp. Also had some miniature doughnuts frying up right there on the sidewalk! Delicious! Sadly we passed the wine with more passion that the sunscreen, and there were consequences. It was a lovely day. We do plan to make it to Pete's Winery yet. This pic was taken Before lunch, which took the rest of the day. You can just see the fire pit if you look close. If you look closer, you can see that P is wearing polka dotted undies under those white pants. 

Thursday, 3 May 2012


I meant nothing derogatory about DH in that last post. I spent years training that man to give me honest and useful feedback on clothes that I sew. He does it well, and when he gives advice it is well meant and well received. I know it's an unusual thing, but it works well for us.

I've been cleaning the house this week. I have actually washed ceilings and walls. When have I ever done that before? I do feel better. I think it has been bugging me for a while. I don't know why. I just needed to nest I guess. Thank heavens that feeling is fading! I did discover that the grout in the back closet never actually set. Bizarre! It must have been an old bag of grout and it had lost its ability to cure. The really nice thing was that bad grout vacuums up. It's sweet when a bad thing goes away 'just like that'! Of course, it doesn't say much about that last time I vacuumed or washed in here.

I have my third and last Tomato heel sock lesson tomorrow. Last week the lambs in the next door barn were frolicking with their moms and cousins. It doesn't get any more idyllic than that! Their guard llama was not available. Perhaps inside filling out his daily log.

On Sunday I had lace class in the valley with the group. I wasn't sure I wanted to go. I hadn't laced for a few weeks, felt behind I my homework, was feeling over my head.... I went anyway and had a wonderful day! The location was so lovely! We were in a lovely farmhouse with just a perfect feel to it. The hostess is an incredible artist in many areas, and her home reflected this. I got my brain sorted around the next steps in lacing. It was a good day. I keep forgetting how long it has been since I had to learn something so totally new. How do children do it? How do people survive their first month on the job?

How do we live without it?