Saturday, 29 September 2012

What a great day! Yes, I know. The rain did put a damper on it for most of you. But I was at the Gaspereau Fibre Barn at a felting workshop. Love that place. They have 2 new llamas and 1 has a new babe in the barn. Baby llamas have a funny name. I can't remember what it is. Look it up, will you? Purl the cat was in attendance. Several chickens tried to prevent my departure and had to be escorted to safety. Love that place.

We learned to felt leaves on silk chiffon. It wasn't as hard as I thought it might be, and the instructors were excellent.  A good time was had by all! I am not good at picking colours, but it didn't seem to matter. Everyone went in different colour directions and it all seem to work well. First you carefully pull fluff in leaf sized bundles. Then you roll tips on each end and fatten up one side. You place leaves all over the silk in what you hope will be a workable arrangement. Then you soap it up carefully, sandwich it in plastic and the smooshing begins. Much smooshing and turning and rolling later (involving bubble wrap and boot trays and the occasional orbital sander) the leaves had felted into the silk and it was a done deal. The scarf shrinks about 30 cm before you're done.

I love it. I picked up supplies and plan to try things again.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Why is it people can't replace the toilet paper roll?

I used to think it was just men, but no. After all I do use the women's washroom when I'm out, don't I? It's not that hard and you have time, while you're sitting there doing other things. People, really! Just do it!

Now for a cross post from the Atlantic Sewing Guild blog. I post there as well, and sometimes I want to post the same stuff here.

I follow a blog called The Sartorialist. Much of the time it's not great, but occasionally it comes up with a gem. It's a blog of pictures from the street of fashionable looks. 
Look at this top. It takes the Chanel trim a bit further. The side seams seem to be on the right side and fringed. Bias fringed trim on the bottom edge and perhaps down the sleeve - or is that again seams gone wild? Off to look for stash fabric to try this out.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Where has the time gone?

It's been a busy week or two! First I started a job! It's only 1 day a week, sometimes 2 and that suits me perfectly. It's at a sewing store, with machines and fabric and notions and classes and thread and neat stuff! Me in a candy shop. I do find I'm tired at the end of the day. I'm currently car pooling with DH most of the way, and then with a co worker the rest of the way. I enjoy that. It's quite civilized.

I'm going to learn tons of new stuff I think. I was watching a machine user lesson and learned about the most easy and perfect button holes ever. Many customers are quilters and embroiderers. I know little about those things and they are keen to share. It's also the business world, and not at all like teaching. I do enjoy a change of scenery!

Now Tuesday is a busy day. I have basket weaving options in the morning, although I avoided that meeting so far. Today I cut iris leaves and put them to dry. That will be a good project to take to meeting soon. I have a basket in mind, I just can't seem to commit yet.

Then I went to a free SMU class at the library on Atlantic Canadian Lit. We are still back in the 1400's but will work our way up throughout the year. It's an hour long once a week and well attended. I need to get to the book store and pick up the book ($13).  Maybe I'll get a SMU sweatshirt while I'm there. The prof is very knowledgeable, entertaining, funny, whimsical and not so bad to look at. Not bad at all. Nope. He certainly has my attention.

Then I was off to dirt class for the first time. I now have to call it soil class, as it seems there is a significant difference, apparently. Today we covered rocks and minerals. We're also starting at the beginning (of time).

This week I work 2 days. I need to rest up tonight so I don't yawn too much. Napping on the job is discouraged.

I have day lilly plants for sale. Funds support my local Grandmothers to Grandmothers group. Name your price and come get a few. Or just come get a few. They need a good home before the snow flies.

Monday, 17 September 2012


I made the best cookies in the world yesterday! I didn't burn them (noteworthy!) and it was a big batch.

They were so good! I had one, and then another, and then it got totally out of hand! I made them for company for dinner, but both DH and I were eying those cookies all through the meal. Thank heavens they ate only 1 or 2. I would not have wanted to slap the MIL across the table, but things were a bit tense there.

After they left we took the basket downstairs and finished them off. I can never make them again. Never, never, never! So sad, as I grew the cutest little sugar pumpkins just for this kind of baking.

Well, my first day of work is approaching. Maybe a batch to take with me?

Now, so you can avoid this terror yourself, DO NOT go to Canadian Living web site and DO NOT download the recipe for pumpkin hermits ( It's just not worth it people. No. never. Promise me, please!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Working Girl!

I got a job! Well, it's really more like I get to help out in a candy store, and they expect me to arrive and depart at a certain time. The local Pfaff dealer wanted someone for a day a week, and I was all over that. She has a great shop, with threads and fabric and notions and machines that go whirr and so much stuff! My head spins! So I figure it's exactly for me. A little mad money and a LOT of neat stuff to try and learn.

Oh. I might get to be helpful as well. Here's hoping on that part. Don't want to get fired from my first new job in 35 years. However I will be working with really nice people, so I hope they'll be able to keep me on track. I do get to pat the fabric (I saw linen!) and play with the machines. It's a perk, they say. Perks!

I think I'll need a whole new wardrobe. The working girl wardrobe. This could get very interesting. I think I'm going to be very happy there!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Remember the Frog?

Remember the frog we rescued from the puddle, because it may get hit when the cars went through?

This is the puddle.  The next picture shows the puddle under the wheels as they slide into a turn. I get to drive next month. This is SOOOO much fun! Until you hit a tree. Then the fun is pretty much over. Yep. Pretty much.

We All Brake For Ducks

So today I'm on my way to Hfx, when I have to stop. If fact, traffic is stopped in both directions right there by the pond, as a large flock of ducks cross the street in the crosswalk. They're on their way back to the pond. Perhaps they were on their way back from dropping the ducklings off at school. Who knows, but they were most orderly. There actually is a 'Duck Crossing' sign on the road there. I grew up on the pond. Ducks cross frequently and with little regard for cars. I was impressed with their use of a crosswalk.

I was on my way to drop off a cheque for SCANS where I have registered for the class on dirt. For $135 I can take as many classes as I like. Some people take up to 5 classes a week! All taught by experts in their fields and lasting 6 to 12 weeks each. A steal, much more than a deal! And they changed the start time, allowing me to go to the library lunch time session on Atlantic Canadian literature. Now the new start time was due to a misprint and not me, but I did appreciate it.

Then I was off to a lecture by Niki Jabbour. I have her gardening book. It was excellent and she signed my book for me. Yah! On my out I collected some flower seeds that were basically jumping into my bag. Once you discover seed collection you get quite clever about it.

I'm working on a lining for my raincoat. It's not going well. However I have given this project enough time and I've decided to just get on with it. Other fabric is calling to me! Loudly!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Getting Busy

We got a great load of dirt today! My boy is very happy and digging up a storm. Gardening is a good hobby. I love to weed. Good thing, as I have an amazing crop of those. Everything smells spicy at this time of year. I love it! I have pumpkins growing, which I didn't know. I thought they were squash, although I do have them too. It gets confusing.

The beginning of fall is so exciting! It's time to sign up for things and check out new opportunities. We retired people have lots of those. Tomorrow I help with registration for the seniors college (SCANS). I want to sign up for the classes on soil. Looks promising.

I have the Wednesday afternoon movie schedule in my calendar. These are at the local library. I haven't seen The Artist and it's first. I have a felting class in September in Gaspereau and the knitting shops and sewing shops are putting out their class schedules.

My sewing, lace and basketry guilds are starting back up. I need to consider a schedule for my projects. I hate to neglect anything, and I have been. There are great people in each group, each group very different.

The library is having sessions on neat topics. They are also having a college course on Atlantic authors, but it conflicts with my dirt classes. Can't have that.

I also want to volunteer at my old school. I enjoy that. It's a completely different view of education, students and teachers. I get to relax and I am so impressed by what I see. Without any responsibility I can enjoy the wonderful things I see without worrying about the junk that comes with working there. Yum!

I also want to help more with the car racing. I also get behind the wheel next month, as well as make my second appearance as co driver.  Again it really sharpens you up to take on a new learning curve. How many years do we let things go on the status quo without taking a chance on something new? It doesn't need to be a big thing to perk you up.