Friday, 7 February 2014

I Live in a Snow Globe, and It Is Good

I got flack from the Great 'in Training' L regarding my last post. She says I am very outgoing, etc. I still say you should work to cherish and foster your friends. You can never get too much friend. When you retire your friend contact opportunities change. It's something to consider.

It's been snowing lately - softly, like a snow globe. The view in a snow globe is spectacular! You should stop and admire the flakes whenever they present themselves for admiration. It's something that really makes me a nester. I want to light the fire (using the remote, of course) and snuggle in with a good book or sewing project. Two sides of my view....

So after a hard snow the other night I needed to get up and go to work (1 day a week, very taxing). The snow was deep. The car was very cold. I was not surging forth to the driveway with enthusiasm. No. Then... I look out to discover the driveway clear and both vehicles warming for my selection! I live in a perfect snow globe!

So, those who know me know my love of shoes and bags. I need a good selection and lots of glam. On a budget I shop the dumpster diving spots looking for unworn shoes (they are out there) and vintage evening bags. I do have a formidable collection.

So I'm at the new Sally Anne near work and they have a silent auction. There, on the shelf are a pair of lovely pink Manola Blahnik pumps! I plunk down a bid of $30 and win!!!! Actually, as the only bidder I could perhaps have had them for the minimum bid of $20, but why take a chance? It does go to a good cause.

They actually fit! I found that out after I got them home. However, the heels are 4 1/4" high and it seems that is just above my ability to stand or walk - at all. I may just put them on a shelf, label out of course. That was what I had planned. DH has offered to build said shelf. He truly understands me, that man.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Ladies Who Lunch

I have been lunching! I'm a lady who lunches.

Yesterday I went out with a friend who was celebrating a birthday. I was honoured to be invited along as company and it was most pleasant. There was creme brûlée for dessert - need I say more? It was relaxing and the company was excellent. Nothing makes you feel more special that an invite to lunch.

Then today I met with another friend at Tim's. She had a hot book for me with 2 days left on the library loan. Only the best of friends let you in on such a prize! Have you been reading Alan Bradley and the Flavia mysteries? Amazing! I can't believe there is only 1 book left in the series. Now I have to wait until he gets that written.

I don't take enough time for friends. I never have. I value and treasure my friendships, but my maintenance skills are really quite poor. I'm surprised any of them tolerate me for any length of time. I don't call. I don't text. I rarely have you over for tea. I'm happy in my own company and find it hard to insert myself into someone else's day.  To have 2 lunches in one week is a big deal for me! I need to work on this. Feel free to force yourself on me. I need the practice.

Still working on several quilts. Have you heard of chain piecing? This is where you stitch from one seam to another without cutting the thread. When stitching a lot of little pieces together it saves time and thread. This what it looks like - an amazing clothesline of colour and fluttering quilt in the making! This quilt leads to large blocks with every side on the bias. I'm a bit nervous about keeping these stable. Perhaps I should have starched the %#%$# out of the fabric first? I did use Mary Ellen's Best Press on some of the pieces. I'll see if this has an effect.