Monday, 23 January 2012

I require a bulldog, well mannered, with leash.

I walked in the park today. It was a gorgeous day with snow on the ground and sun on my face. I need more fresh air. I am indoors far too much. However, I was the only one in the park without a dog. Georges, the bulldog next door may be interested in the occasional sortie. I must inquire. It would be an excellent chance to practice my 3 words of French.

I got great feedback from the makers of my pattern drafting software (Wild Ginger) this week. I made up a new fitting garment and they give advice after looking at ugly pictures of me wearing it. Amazing service! Now I'm off to try a shirt with the new measurements. I promise to start posting pics more often. It's helpful to actually look at what I make in a picture. It's more critical than a mirror and I need to do a better job of looking at what suits me. Just because I love it doesn't mean it loves me.

I also had a problem with my ibooks app this week and contacted the app designers. They have been back to me promptly and are working on the problem - I assume. I sent them data to look at. Amazing how the internet has made customer service better and more personal in some ways.

I signed up for a Titanic project a month ago and it's starting up. It's the 100th anniversary of the sinking and this project involves making historically accurate clothing for that time. I get a different pattern each month to make up and I in return blog about the experience. There are over 300 people around the world involved, and we have a Facebook page. So far the clothing looks really interesting, and a lot more than I bargained for!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012


I must take a moment to appreciate teachers. Not the school type, mind you - although they are amazing! I'm thinking of the people in your life who take some time to show new tricks to old dogs. They don't need to take time out of their day to patiently share something they do (without thinking) to someone who can't see the forest for the tress. However, in these cases usually the learner is personally motivated. They want to know that new thing and they will give the process attention, time and practice. The teacher appreciates this, but they are still taking precious time away from less taxing activities to help you acquire a new skill.

So, I am appreciating the people who show me how to make baskets, bend into that Pilates position, untangle that lace, sew that fabric, measure that body, garden that patch, knit that sock, drive that car, bead the trim, understand my tech gear...

and so much more. Thanks.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

De Santification

I took the tree down and boxed up Christmas (12 boxes and counting). So sad. Someone did suggest that if you simply applied different ornaments to the tree to match the seasons, it could stay up all year, now that I've gone faux tree.

Snowmen during January. Hearts and doves in February. Easter changes the colour scheme. Summer Flowers. Autumn fruit and leaves. It has potential, n'est pas?

Nice thing about being a teacher. When your name is called at appointments, you don't even have to look up to know it's a past parent. They sound just like their 6 year old  - with that cute upraised voice. Just like a family reunion!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Belly Fat

It's been a great but busy week! Started Pilates. Went racing with DH to try out the new race car. It all worked very well and I like being in the co driver's seat. I don't mind another person driving and I think I will be able to read and call instructions. The helmet mics worked well. Pictures of us here. We are the white with blue stripe car at the bottom. I'm the one who can't really see over the dash yet. Got to work a bit on that problem, especially if I decide to drive too.

Monday's lace class went smoothly. I think I'm getting the hang of it. It does gobble time, but it seems to be worth it. I can't wait to experiment with different threads and even yarns. In fact I finished my homework today, with only 1 or 2 periods of 'deconstruction'. There's a conference in France this summer on lace. Could anyone out there send me a ticket?

The stash busting challenge at sewing guild was well received. We bundled fabric in pairs and gave them out to be made into whatever you can fancy. It was great to see enthusiasm! I got a shiny blue/violet something with a small amount of navy coating. I'm thinking longer top with a vest. Hard to say though. I'm hoping the lack of financial investment and no competition will encourage people to just sew and have fun.

So Wednesday I spent the day with 2 friends working on a fitting garment for the pattern making software I use (Wild Ginger PMB). It seems it takes 3 to measure properly. We wonder if anyone in the retail world knows anything about fit. When you sweat over moving the armpit 1/4" to the left, you are definitely looking for a proper fit. What a lovely day! We got great work done in a pleasant atmosphere with snack. I do love snack. But seriously, how do we put up with lousy fit in ready to wear? Why aren't people learning to alter and demand? Even hemming seems to be a lost art. I'm waiting for comments and help to return from the Wild Ginger people. They help with fitting after you send pics and details. Got to love that customer service! I've heard from them twice today and will get their final word tomorrow.

But my measurements certainly showed the rearrangement my body has gone through the last few years. As women are we really prepared for menopause and all the changes that come with it? It really is hard to stay physically active and keep your body flexible and rid of belly fat. There certainly are the good things as well. I don't take myself so seriously anymore. I don't waste time on nonsense as easily. I appreciate kindness. I have a more flexible mind and a keen interest in learning new things. If we only had trainers to get us through the 10 years or so before, during and after mp. Someone to keep you active and point out the wonders as they arrive. I have to say, access to info is improving, but I still don't think experts yet realize all that happens and the potential the menopausal woman has.

I want magnetic letters for the fridge. An important part of my belly fat plan. I used to put messages on the fridge at school for other staff. It stops and makes you read before opening the door. And then you need to reply. I might lose interest in eating completely by then, perhaps. Or at least snack more thoughtfully.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

The New Year

Today a friend helped me sort fabric into groups of 2's and 3's for a challenge with the sewing guild. She had such a wonderful eye for colour! Good thing, as I don't. Then I found out she is an interior decorator by training. We share a love of decor! Only she knows what she's doing! My DH and I are great worker bees and have some good taste I think. We have renovated, built or designed several houses and are working on the current house for the last 5.5 years.

I love this house. It has just the right feel. I loved it the first day I walked into it. I loved it standing in the back door. Even my real estate agent looked at me in eye raised disgust. However I do seem to have 2 different colour things happening. I love my DR and LR. I painted the walls purple. Call it what it is, I say. Those rooms makes me feel comfortable, clean, spring like, gorgeous on snowy days. Now most of the rest of the house has a warmer, orange brown feel. It seems that may indicate a split personality. Not sure I like that in a house. I've wanted to paint lately, and maybe this split personality is why. It's good to talk to a professional. They clarify the fuzzy parts of your brain. I've got to have that girl back!

Currently I have too many things on the go. I need to focus a bit. I don't want to drop any of the balls. I think I just have to be more attentive to scheduling. Right?

I'll let you know what gets dropped.