Thursday, 15 November 2012


I spent time sewing with a friend today. She's a lycra girl. My fingers disagree with her cutting tools and all that tough poly. I had to have another sticky plaster this week. I'm so delicate. It's interesting how we all have our own ways. I find what we do fascinating but would never have considered sewing lycra suits to be so interesting. I think it's also her approach and professionalism. We all have pride in what we are passionate about. It's good to find someone to share that with.

I did clean out my closet with great enthusiasm. I have nothing to wear! Now there's a dilemma. The 11 patterns I just ordered from Vogue may help with that. There was a sale, people! It was late, my cat died this week, I needed stuff. Now I have stuff and I do feel a bit better. I think I'm going to buy myself an iron too. A big steamy iron with bells and whistles and steam! Steam is good.

Yes, I'm getting in the holiday mood. I want to decorate December 1st. I want to nest in front of the fire and bake sweet things. I want to slow down just a titch. I want to giggle with friends and family. This means trying to wrap up my gift wrangling by December 1 as well. It's always the one thing that drives the Christmas anxiety for me. As I have in the past I like to make a pile of things and let family take what they want. It works for me. I don't tie up a lot of worry about getting just the right thing for each person. I don't worry about a present for every person. I let the gifts fall where they may. But it still means getting a pile together and I want that pile readyish by December 1st.

Such determination!

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  1. Sorry about the loss of your cat.:-(
    Good luck with the Holiday prep!