Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Here Comes Mommy With the Baby Carriage

I've exercised faithfully for 2 days now. Why do I still have no waist?

No waist at all. No hips or booty. I am a cylinder. Like a can of peas. Hmmm....

And I swear that second container of cappuccino frozen yogurt was not there in the cart when I left the store. That's the truth.

I went biking in the park this morning and had to slow for a procession of 5 mommies jogging with baby carriages and their own personal trainer. They all had a waist. AND a baby. Maybe I need the personal trainer?

The Great P says I have gone over to the dark side with all my quilting. I am itching for a new dress, and lo, Vogue heard the call and finally delivered 3 new patterns to my mailbox. They are getting faster with their deliveries, but I am not patient, and 2 weeks or more is a long time. Do you order from the web site? The sale prices are very good, and you can create a wish list for consideration. When I buy patterns there they automatically put them in my Sewing Kit HD app data base. I like that. However the app itself has bugs, creepy crawly little crashing bugs. They seem to be getting under control, but I may have to shoot them off another note.

Have you ever emailed an app developer? You just go to their web site through the app store and contact them. I've done it a few times and they always get back to me, as many times as it takes to solve the problem, or to reply to my suggestions or complaints. I am always amazed by that. It's like all app developers take lessons from somebody's mother on how to be polite. I have yet to be left hanging.

I will be getting to the dresses shortly. I have another quilt project first. I also have to start the research, as M and I signed up for Corset class at NSCAD today. We got 25% off tuition cost because we signed up together. I understand we may need to know things. M is already planning to be contrary to expectations. I think he hit that when he signed up.

DH and I are counting and organizing ducks in the count down to this weekend's Ledwidge Lookoff Rally. It is the event of the year for us, and we have Quebec teams expected. It's also the first time we have a spectator stage - where cars race and people can watch. Usually you have to crawl through the woods and sit with flies buzzing for hours for that to happen. So fully prepped race cars will be sliding at high speed all through Conrad's Quarry at 5 pm on Saturday if you are so inclined. You have to be in place before 5, as we close the course then to all movement. Takes about an hour for all the cars  to complete 2 laps. The cars will also be on display at Dartmouth Crossing from 2 to 4 pm on Saturday. Sunday sees the serious stages in the woods up near Tennycape. I will be the one in the dust covered shirt that says "Only bears P in the woods."

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