Saturday, 9 January 2016

Fredericks of Hollywood

I fixed that bra with the stretch issue. It was wearable, but I was not adverse to experimentation. So, I flipped it over and stitched the lining (which was stable) to the outer fabric (which was stretchy). I covered the cups with lines about 3/8" apart. It now looks like one of those fab Fredericks of Hollywood bras from the 60's. And it worked! Looks better and lies smoother!

I found a good tutorial for rope bowls. I like the embellishments with fabric and yarn. Opens the door for all kind of fun, methinks! If I notice a lack of clothesline rope at the Home Depot I think we will confirm this as a new trend. Note the problem she has in the tutorial with her sewing direction. She needs to stop and flip as she turns the bowl up on its side. Just avoid that issue by starting the sewing in the right direction in the first place.

My nephew has given me the greatest present! He married a girl who wants to learn to sew! We spent 2 days together this last week and she is amazing! She has an analytical mind and good control over her stitches for a newby. We made a bowtie, the Colette Sorbetto top and a nursing cover for a friend. I am so happy! I'm trying real hard not to totally snow her down with emails and links. They have 3 children (perfect children!) under the age of 5. I think she'll be a perfect candidate for Nancy Zeiman's 10-20-30 minutes to sew approach. Sadly, they live in Calgary. It will be a long distance sewing partnership.

I was asked "Why underwear?". I know. It seems silly to sew undies when they can be bought so easily. Now with bras that doesn't work as easily for me. A good fit is not easy to buy and I enjoy making them. Then you need the matching bottoms, of course.

But more importantly I needed to do some 'me' sewing after Christmas. It seemed too long since I had done some selfish sewing. It felt good.

I hear from many that it's time to control the stash and sew only for the joy. I so agree. I'm trying to weed and bestow excess on others as I go. It seems easier to do that now and releases some of the pressure. Fabric without an immediate and joyous purpose can impose its own kind of pressure. Unfinished projects can also do that. I want to ignore what I think I should do and just do what I want to do.

For instance, today I started to quilt am embroidered puppy quilt I finished some time ago. I worked away all afternoon but took a few breaks as well. When DH came in from his play date in the garage (a friend and a suspension needed suspending) I joined him to vegetate for the evening. Now I had 3 more blocks to stipple, but they get to wait. I will find joy there tomorrow. Tonight it would be an obligation. Fine line? Indeed.

I will be eyeing my other UFO's with a joyous measurement stick. You got joy for me? Then you and I got a date! No joy? Maybe you will give someone else joy. Who knows. Its worth a try.

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