Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Peep Show

It's supposed to be spring, but I'm still cold. My fingers, my toes - all cold. The flannel sheets are still my best friends. I love them. So soft.

I promised pics of my stuffy phase. It seems to be slowing a bit. I haven't stuffed anything in a week. I do have Easter stuffy plans, but that seems a natural. I haven't added facial features. Can't say I miss them. What if you end up with a naughty expression? What then? This way, it's left to the imagination. I think of my stuffies as home dec items. They add a cuddly touch and colourful touch to any room. I need a few sausage dog neck pillows. I fell in the curling club parking lot and have a sore neck. And a bump where my hipbone used to be.

All but the elephants were free patterns from Purl Soho. It is a most generous site with excellent kits and patterns for sale. I used barley and lentils to stuff the frogs.  Makes posing much more fun.
This is a quilt I made to showcase some neat fabrics at the store. The Great P added some wonderful variegated thread for the quilting. She is getting quite particular and accomplished! You should see her pat gently as she guides the machine. Just like a mother duck! 

This a row of bunnies for a 'bed scarf'. It's such a quick project to try out a quilting idea. In this case the pattern came from a book All In A Row. It has a wonderful variety of row patterns and matching filler rows. I wanted to try appliqué with this bunny idea. You cut the bunny in pieces on tagboard and insert paper fasteners. Then you can pose your bunny as you like before tracing it on the appliqué fabric. I also used a fine fusible batting (Soft and Stable?) to back 2 of the appliquéd bunnies. It raised the fabric a bit and the bunny looks much better with the machine blanket edging. I'll do that again!

This is my Mixed Mutts quilt. It's a match to the cat quilt I made previously. I think the best part of this quilt was working with friends to get the blocks started. Sewing should always be social. Especially when puppies are involved.
 I have a few quilts in various states of completion right now, but I'm letting them percolate. I need to sew something for me. I therefore made myself a cozy knit dress. I am waiting for this phase of droopy hems and saggy pockets to pass, but in the meantime I am on that bandwagon. I also signed up for a pant drafting class on Craftsy. So far it looks good and makes sense. The proof will be in the rear end, and we don't get to that for a bit. Fingers crossed!

Yes, Easter is on its way! This calls for a Peep display, and these peepers are in the spotlight on my kitchen windowsill.

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