Thursday, 6 October 2011


I am realizing how many unfinished projects I have stashed in every drawer and corner of this house. With the sad passing of 3 of my 5 cats over the past year I no longer need to hide things away. The 2 remaining cats don't eat or shred, bless them! It seems every time I go to get out a project I find a few others forgotten and stashed a few levels down. Somewhat like an archeological dig of my life to date. Of course anything shiny or new distracts me and there I am, off on another tangent. I have to get more focussed. I like the idea of finding and finishing these oldies but goodies but I have all these new ideas as well! Balance. Crafting Fung shui?

Tell me, if the ring in the toilet bowl is barely visible, does it really need to be cleaned?

I'm making a coat with this gorgeous 100% angora coating fabric I got for $15 at Value Village. It's an uneven plaid, the coat is a swing coat on the bias with a center back seam and 2 piece sleeves and the layout has been a nightmare. When I got down to the last 2 pieces to place on the fabric for cutting I lost faith in the method I was using to get some semblance of order to matching the paid at the seams. Dh to the rescue! I called him up to confirm that I really needed to try a different pattern. Instead he gets out the tape measure and places the pieces as if they were floor tile and needed to be mitred. he nailed the bias seaming and convinced me it all would work with carpentry logic. Another opinion from a different point of view is so useful. So now I need to sew the coat, and ignore all the other projects that keep yelling out for attention. My sewing group has a sinners group and I signed up. SIN stands for Sew It Now. We meet in a church basement. The coat is my commitment for this month so that is helping to keep me focussed. I need the pressure as I have a lot of fabric calling my name.

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