Wednesday, 19 October 2011

I Need to Slow Down

I found myself on the side of the highway today, plucking another dead porcupine, while a guy who had pulled over with his cell phone watched. He was obviously there for a while and there is only so long I can look inocent in the middle of nowhere in boots, rubber gloves and carrying a bucket, so I went for it.  I can't imagine it was someone I know. Right? OMG, I just realized that phone probably had a camera! Darn that social media thing!

I have almost finished my angora coat. It's cut on the bias and has an uneven plaid. I think it's turned out well, and I took it to my sewing group last night for some last finishing advice. They were most helpful. Social groups sorted by skill and interest levels are really great! We get a lot done, laugh at obscure jokes no one else gets and really care about the weird things we come together to discuss and share. I had basketry in the morning and got a double dose of pleasure as a bag of amazing doilies were there to be admired. I love fancy work. Now in this situation I have determined that basket weavers are not all that much into doilies, but they did give me a few minutes of attention before going back to their projects. I am working on finishing baskets right now. Yes, Little Urchin, I do have a lot of pictures to post soon.

J of basketry advised me to slow down a bit as I was offering to check the doily provenance, try 3 new different types of baskets and finish that coat, while promising to start underwear and a little black dress in November. She may be right. I am feeling the need to stay home and nest for a day or two. I need to keep things in check. I am off to see a friend tomorrow. That will be excellent.

On Saturday I went off to Nocturne. This event goes from 6 to midnight and see lots of art events and installations all over the place. You could roller skate with old skates, tango, take yourself through a people wash and of course build a berry box lantern with the basketry guild. The cities were packed and it was a beautiful night. It's amazing what happens out there when you pay attention. Now that I have time to notice I need to pass on the info to the family. They don't pay attention because they work, have kids, dogs and stuff happens. I'd make a good social coordinator.

So the lace guild meets at the end of the month. I think I'll find a way to fit them in. Sounds fascinating!

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  1. I can't wait to see your snaps! I have been a touch lazy with my crafting these days.