Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The down side of discounts

So at my fav store today (Value Village) I was asked if I was a Senior. It was Senior Tuesday. I was all perked and piped up with "yes, I'm 55." Well, seniors there are 60. That rather put another spin on the seniors discount. Do I look 60? I don't feel 60 yet. I may never feel 60. Discounts for 55 - good. For 60 - I'm depressed. It seems 5 years can mean a lot in the proper context.

I went to the Christmas Concert at my old school this afternoon. I took my MIL as she loves to get out and do things. In fact, she's such a doer of things that she had to blow off an appointment to come. The kids were just so impressive! They sing beautifully, have a great time, put on a great show and are generally all around really good signs of good things ahead for this world. It is a rather privileged school, although I don't think they appreciate how much, or how much that means. I've taught all over the place. I loved all the communities well, but some just have it so much easier on life's journey.

I got lots of hugs and good wishes in the halls. Wow. I am blessed to have many friends under the age of 10. Nothing is more true than a friend prior to puberty.

Lace class yesterday. That poor teacher sat with me for 2 hours 1 on 1, and although I was doing fine, going out the door I seem to have left much of it behind. I worked all afternoon and got about 20% more done that I had to undo. 1 step forward, 5 steps back. However, I have graduated from the training weight thread and things do look gorgeous! Or at least there is promise of gorgeous. I only have 5 more days to get my homework done and I'm a bit panicked. If it doesn't get finished we simply cut it off the pillow and move onto the next lesson. Cut off the pillow means it dies a premature death. So sad. Never to be pillowed again. The guilt is overwhelming.

Sewing Guild tonight! I have 2 show and tells and there is promise of group snack! Can't beat that!

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  1. When I was in retail I would say "I'm really sorry you don't qualify for the seniors discount!" That was the best way to find out without insulting anyone. But you def. don't look over 50!