Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Ladies Who Lunch

I have been lunching! I'm a lady who lunches.

Yesterday I went out with a friend who was celebrating a birthday. I was honoured to be invited along as company and it was most pleasant. There was creme brûlée for dessert - need I say more? It was relaxing and the company was excellent. Nothing makes you feel more special that an invite to lunch.

Then today I met with another friend at Tim's. She had a hot book for me with 2 days left on the library loan. Only the best of friends let you in on such a prize! Have you been reading Alan Bradley and the Flavia mysteries? Amazing! I can't believe there is only 1 book left in the series. Now I have to wait until he gets that written.

I don't take enough time for friends. I never have. I value and treasure my friendships, but my maintenance skills are really quite poor. I'm surprised any of them tolerate me for any length of time. I don't call. I don't text. I rarely have you over for tea. I'm happy in my own company and find it hard to insert myself into someone else's day.  To have 2 lunches in one week is a big deal for me! I need to work on this. Feel free to force yourself on me. I need the practice.

Still working on several quilts. Have you heard of chain piecing? This is where you stitch from one seam to another without cutting the thread. When stitching a lot of little pieces together it saves time and thread. This what it looks like - an amazing clothesline of colour and fluttering quilt in the making! This quilt leads to large blocks with every side on the bias. I'm a bit nervous about keeping these stable. Perhaps I should have starched the %#%$# out of the fabric first? I did use Mary Ellen's Best Press on some of the pieces. I'll see if this has an effect.

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