Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Sewing Sisters

The sewing retreat last week was excellent! I could relax and just work through projects without any time constraints at all. That eliminates a lot of the frustration that comes up as you rush to get the fitting right, or screw up some step and have to redo it. You have time. You really learn a lot by just giving the process sustained attention. I made leggings and embroidered one of the legs. I worked through a top as a wearable muslin for a dress. I call it the Happy Hippo dancing outfit. Someday I may show you why. Really, it requires a video rather than a still shot. Then I got half way through the dress. For those who were there, inserting a zipper in a seam that breaks into a pleat is proving interesting. I'll let you all know how that goes.

Beyond that,  we just had a great time. We all kind of knew each other before we started, but we really enjoyed the time together as women escaping from the world for a bit. Thursday we had a stretching class (sitting is the new smoking). We went for a pub crawl (1 pub counts in my book) and then went back to sew.  Friday I gave a guided tour of Value Village for those who had interest. Several did. Saturday we tried for a fish dinner (closed), a repeat pub crawl (packed) and ended up at a pizza joint with a rather colourful clientele. Quite entertaining! Sunday morning saw a return visit to the local Farmer's/Craft market. But my fav part may have been the people who dropped in for a day of sewing and brought snack! Love snack!

I bought a bottle of wine for late night sewing. I took most of it home. We were having too much fun. There was a marvellous gift bag for each participant and a well stocked prize table. Prizes were awarded to everyone at least once a day, or when triumph or tragedy warranted. I asked the local Pfaff/Husqvarna representative for gifts as well as the Sew With Vision (Herring Cove dealer) and one of her fabric representatives. They were all pleased to contribute and really outdid any of my thoughts on the matter! People can be so nice.

The local paper has a column by Jan Wong. She happened to write this week about her sewing club. It's quite a different take on sewing, but only from an 'out front' point of view. I think we can all understand what she is talking about and count ourselves lucky when we find ourselves in a similar position. For me it's important to spend time with women in my sewing club, whether it's actually my sewing guild or lace group or work car pool or Pilates class.

When I was young I don't think I understood how important these relationships would or could be. Now that I do, I find I still need to remember to take time and enjoy time with other women in that context. It's a habit I didn't get into when I was young. I'm always happy on my own, but I feel myself shrinking without others around. When I am with other women I feel connected. Quite simply it stretches me and opens me up.

If only I could break that damn 5' barrier, instead of the scale barriers I seem to be breaking lately.

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