Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Planning and Prep

I am getting ready for 4 days of sewing with friends next week. I am just starting to get soooo excited! Bit like Christmas, I think. DH and I went to the sewing room tonight and we laid out heaps of fabric and a variety of pattern ideas. Mostly my pattern ideas consist of magazine pictures or pattern line drawings - as to get them to fit I use my Wild Ginger software to draft my own.

We went through the possibilities and made some excellent decisions. That man is so helpful! Now I'm drafting patterns, cutting them out and bagging up the needed supplies. This should fill up my time between now and then. I plan to get a heap load of sewing done! It will be a no quilting zone. I need to get back to my roots. DH is getting a nice batik short sleeve shirt. He's a bit apprehensive about the pattern. Actually, he's apprehensive about all patterned fabric, on him.

I'm even auditioning wines for the event. There's a nice Chocolat Rouge currently in the running. Of course, if it makes the cut, I'll have to replace that empty bottle.  OOoh! Just remembered! There's a NSLC just across the street! Excellent.

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