Sunday, 18 May 2014

Do You Have Your Pocket Jamie?

This is just what every woman needs.

Are you an Outlander fan? If so, it would be hard Not to know that this book series is coming to the small screen this summer. Here you can get a 'pocket Jamie' to carry in your purse and pop out at the perfect moment. I've got one. I may get him laminated.

I've always wanted one. Always!

I've been rereading these books by Diana Galbaldon. These books weigh at least a kilo each and took years between each one to be published. Oooh the waiting! Now when I don't have to wait you can really pick up on the subtle things she throws in to tie the books together. Currently I'm waiting for the next book to arrive. I ordered it from the bookstore in her hometown so it will come signed. I am a fan!

And yes, I did pick a bit more fabric the other day. But I have started in on organizing the spare room. After all, the MIL is coming on Thursday and she will want to find the bed. I hope she realizes the effort!

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  1. I am also re-reading, though I'm only about halfway through Outlander. I don't think I'll be doing the whole series at once right now, but I had a craving for the first one.