Wednesday, 13 August 2014

A Whole Bunch of Nothing

Here are some of my Natal Day experiences. That lovely dog entertained us all at the parade by putting nose to the sky and hooooowling with every siren and bagpipe that went by. In true Dartmouth form I saw everybody I ever knew at the parade. 

The box car was part of a very long train passing through the middle of the ferry terminal parking lot. The stage for the music concert was on the other side. That train goes every year (probably every night?) at that time. Concert would not be the same without it!

The Great Lake Swimmers were on and I had heard them on CBC and liked them. Off I went for the live version. Mistake! They are a mellow and mournful group. After a few of their 'mournful and sad' tunes - all of which sounded just the same - I was completely sad. So sad. The fireworks perked me up, thank heavens!

There was a large crowd of the 'younger set' waiting well off from the stage. I can understand their lack of interest. However after the fireworks they were rewarded with an excellent DJ/rapper type. Nice young crowd. Well mannered and keen.

And as usual the Dartmouth Banook Lake fireworks ended with the biggest waterfall ever! Yah!

Look at this pillow! It's from a new embroidery card from Husqvarna. Instead of using Christmas colours I went pretty and bright. I'm thinking these designs will be quite useful. I'm planning to pop one on the bottom of my next jewelry bag.

Here we have my new machine cover! I don't know about you but dust can be a problem in my sewing room. Probably because I'd rather sew than clean. It just makes sense. I have more of this fabric to make covers for the other current busy bodies. Like the embroideries? Bertha has attitude. 

 And now for my latest baby. It's a toy, and I have great hopes for using it soon. It needs a small adjustment in timing, I think. Found this in a nice shop out the Musquodoboit way.

Last, and least in my mind is my first and last attempt at hand quilting. IT'S HARD! I can't make little consistent stitches! However, It does make a lovely tea cozy. Notice how I used left over scraps from my quilted jacket for the reverse side. Waste not, want not!

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