Sunday, 4 January 2015

Monkey Love

I could never permanently move to Montreal. Oh, I know. The sainted nieces and nephews are there. The baby sister is there. The Fabric Stores are there!!!! However, the Tim's don't serve steeped tea.

And that's a deal breaker for me. I cannot make a good cup of tea, regardless of how I try. Steeped Tim's tea is joy in a cup.

DH and I went curling Friday night for the first time, and bought curling shoes Saturday morning! Yes, we had a great time and are looking forward to Friday date nights. I even had a rock or 2 stay in the general area of the circle things. There seems to be a social drink afterwards. As we are already up past our bedtime of 10, we'll have to go the extra km to do the social necessity, but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make!

It's a new year and I have been organizing the sewing room and other crafting collections. It's been days and days and days, but I am feeling better and keen. The layers were getting a bit overwhelming.

Now I have organized mounds of UFO's. I will be tackling these in between new projects. That's the plan, as of now. First to the finish line ...

Ed The sock monkey! I haven't hooked in many years and went to a class with a friend. This is the kit I picked up there. I like hooking, but more as a means to an end. I like hooked rugs - therefore I will probably hook one or 2 to fit specific spots in the house. They'll have to be simple designs, as I don't and won't have the skills to go fancy. As you can see, Ed the Monkey is quite straight forward, but cute.

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