Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Many Many Gifts!

The gifts are pouring in and out!

Off to the Mic Mac Tavern with a friend for lunch. We went early, as that place has had a never ending lineup since they moved next door. We did not avoid the lineup, and I trudged up to the hostess desk to sign in. That little angel looks up and exclaims "Mrs. M!". Ah, yes! Another one from my teaching past. We were seated promptly!

Now, isn't that the best gift? She remembered me, was pleased to see me and happy to be of help. As a teacher you're not always sure how these things will go. We walk a fine line at times. I loved teaching! It's wonderful to think that I made a good impression that is worth remembering. Especially wonderful when you are talking about children. They see to the bottom of your heart and soul at times. At least, the ones who need to do.

Next gift incoming was the Chanel vintage braid I was gifted by A Challenging Sew. Canada Post arrived at the door with this marvellous package! What an amazing thing to do! She doesn't know me. I'm thinking she knows only a few of her many admirers. Yet she took time to share some amazing gifts with her readers. I spend a lot of time pouring over her couture details and sew alongs. I need to honour this gift with an appropriate sew. I got out my best Chanel boucles and I'm not sure I have what I need. Dare I say I may need to shop on? Opinions welcome.

The braid does nicely on either side, giving options. The front one won't work. Will the braid be lost on either of the others?

Last night I brought my magical basket o'gifts to a family gathering. Cup cozies, Kleenex pack covers, ear bud cases, etc.  They were warmly greeted. I found it totally unexpected that some of the guys wanted Kleenex covers. Who knew? The nieces and nephews are all grown now. They have collected partners and these game souls come to these rather boisterous family events. What nice people they have all grown to be! I am so grateful for my family and family gatherings. 

Merry Christmas! Happy Festivas!

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