Thursday, 19 March 2015

The Kitchen Couch

It snowed. Lots and lots. I won't show you pics of how impressive it looks. Just check FB or whatever. It's quite the event! I am truly blessed. I have a great truck with excellent tires and 4WD. I have a warm house with lots of fabric and thread. I have DH who has a snowblower and knows how to use it. He looks so handsome when his eyebrows ice over. Truly!

I'm more concerned with how to locate and excavate the garbage and green bins. Bins are filling up in here, and I'm becoming concerned. The future may be smelly.

OK. One pic. This is a sight we saw last week while shopping for the furniture. The sun and warm had been making some headway. I'm wondering what it looks like now!

We have a couch in the kitchen now. We ordered furniture for the adjoining family room, and that led to new paint, and that led to drywall repairs, insulation, drywall replacement and much sanding. Then there was painting (and that ceiling need a freshening too). The floor hasn't been refinished and wouldn't that be nice. We are really looking forward to that furniture!

Meanwhile I can see why people would put a couch in the kitchen. If you read any novel with a Newfoundland setting (try Michael Crummy, he's excellent!) they always have a couch. It's comfy, great for chats and perfect when you can't be bothered to move. It's also really close to the fridge. Very handy. I think in Newfoundland it's meant for those who have had a bit too much rum and can't make it home. Ooooo! I'd like to try that! And now I can!

Now I'm going back to my sewing. Next post will be on pants and the FBA for pants. I didn't know I needed one down there! It was a rude awakening. The diet begins.

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