Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Buy Some Drano!

As I showered this morning I thought to myself - do these legs need the annual spring dehairing? Then I looked out the window and realized I had lots of time. Lots and lots and lots. However, can't you just imagine the clogged drains when we again catch sight of earth? Can't wait!

Meanwhile the search for the perfect pants continues. I picked up the Wallis pants pattern from Style Arc. I liked the style lines and thought the stretch might be 'fit forgiving'. First let's just say those are leggings, not pants. The fit is leggings for sure. I love them, but they aren't pants.

The muslins were not promising. DH pointed out the problem areas and made the serious mistake of wondering if there was an issue in the belly area. I've allowed him to live for now - but it was touch and go there for a bit.

I percolated on this thought for a day or two. I studied the muslins, the telltale folds and also (alas!) my belly. It seemed I did need a FBA. The dreaded Front Belly Adjustment! I had vertical folds from the crotch are up to the waist. The belly was talking more fabric to cover it and dragging all the pants with it. Extra fabric gathered at the crotch. After I added a little roundness to the pattern pieces at the belly bulge the wrinkles were gone. Now, I do have other fitting problems to solve. The front and back crotch curves fit but aren't distributed correctly. I had DH trace my outline onto paper so I could study my bumps and lumps. Next I will go back to my Wild Ginger software and draft some pants. I can make very fine fitting adjustments with that program and then they apply to everything else I draft. Handy! After the diet takes hold I can make changes as required (please, please, please).

Here are one of the 2 pairs of Wallis pants made so far. The other pair is gray and don't show up well. The Great P is waited with bated breath for me to wear these out in public. She has no sense of whimsy! It seems I do.

I've also finished all the embroidered blocks for my pup quilt. See those paw prints? There are 96 of them - 24 sets of 4. LD showed me a great trick for stitching 6 sets in one hooping. She is so smart!

Also, giving serious thought to a permanent kitchen couch. It leaves about 6 square inches of vacant floor space - but you stretch out with your tea, oatmeal and the paper. True comfort!

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