Monday, 30 November 2015

Ode To My Flannel Sheets

Ode To Flannel Sheets

O Flannel sheets!
How I love you so!
From my softly cradled face
To my well snuggled toes.

I love you so.

It is impossible to leave you
In the early hour.
Who are we kidding?
To leave you at any time
Just makes me sour.

So sour.

I was once inconsolable
During your week in the wash
I bought a second pair
The pleasure is now endless -

(dash rhymes with wash, kind of)

Endless love.

May you never wear out.
May you never defuzz
I celebrate your glory
Until June, because

At that time your welcome
Is a bit overstayed.
I switch to white cotton
Much to your dismay.

But you get to do the snuggle
With your partner pair
To the closet you go.
Your dark warm lair.

But for now, I love you so.

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