Wednesday, 9 December 2015


I showed my recent 'must have' notions at sewing guild last night. We all want an adjustable double tracing wheel with chalk marker wheel on the outside. Tiger tape also requested - it's one of those 'good things' that would be nice to have, once you figure out what to do with it. Hand sewers know about tiger tape. And Wonder Clips. Just buy as many as you can afford, in both sizes.

I was more than a bit disorganized in my delivery. It's that time of the year. We get so much up in our heads! One needs to just gather it up and chuck it out occasionally. If only Swiffer would come up with a product. They could give a whole new meaning to Mind Sweeper! (or is it Mine Sweeper? Regardless, both involve things exploding at inopportune times. And then you have a mess.)

Couldn't have been too embarrassing. The Great P held it together throughout. She's been know to go off the deep end and require medical assistance when I make what she sees as an unbelievable gaffe, and what I see as an innocent remark requiring a twisted mind to get where she goes.

Mind Swiffers for all my friends!

At this point for most of us makers we have all the usual notions. We are looking for new toys to play with and help us to new possibilities. And then some of us just want a shiny new toy. Regardless, I enjoy checking them all out.

Clover et al? Send them my way. I can't be bought, but I promise to play hard.

That's wrong, actually. Send me enough fabric and I could be bought.


Waterways are usually considered Federal jurisdiction around here. The province looks after wildlife. The city kicks in with local parks.

So how do you explain this? And what do we do?

Last night's work interrupted by breakfast. No wait! That may have been breakfast!

The new extension to the house. Wife wants it done before the relatives arrive for the holidays.

 Regulatory signage. The papers are in order.

Note the efficiency. Some call it clear cutting. Alert Green Peace! 

This is well off site, so there seems to be some unregulated expansion. I've been reading in the papers lately that this clear cutting may be happening outside of the established boundaries. 

City park. Federal waterway. Provincial animal.

No, actually - I think the beaver is considered of National Interest. However it's nice that the city has stepped in here to take the lead. The appropriate official signage clearly indicates a construction zone. And although dogs must be on a leash, beavers have no such restrictions. I'm waiting for the first smart ass to add to that sign. Hmmm.... Where are those Sharpies?

This area was formerly known as the Shubie Canal. Soon to be the Shubie Lagoon. If you are crossing overhead on the Cole Harbour extension highway, a PFD is recommended.

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