Thursday, 28 April 2016

A Virtual Shower For Me!

There is so much excitement in my life right now, I may explode!

First - the other day I stopped at an intersection and let a large dump truck proceed. They have brakes and shifting and things - they deserve a break when you can and when you should. So as the truck passes me the load cover lifts and lowers! Just like it was tipping its hat to me! Better than running into Mickey Mouse at Disney! Amazing! Makes you feel like the princess you are!

Next, we are sitting a 75 lb. Irish Setter named Angus. He is so sweet, well mannered and he loves to spoon! We are really enjoying his company. That poor dog is being walked off his paw pads! After some time with no pet it is a treat to have him here. Though, I must say it's best not to follow him up the stairs. That rear end is like a little perfume atomizer - puff, puff, puff!

But the big news is>>>>>

I'm getting a new sewing machine!!!!!!

A really big one, and it's brand new!!!!!!

I finally decided to go for the new Creative Sensation Pro 2. It's just been released and I am jumping on it. The CS Pro has been a great, reliable machine. This machine adds a few bells and whistles and I am ready to go sewing/embroidery. I like to embroider and it seems silly not to get a machine that does it well. It also sews beautifully. The tension thingy is amazing and helps with both sewing and embroidery.

Now I did consider the new Husqvarna Designer Epic. I drool for the features on that machine. However, I want to stay Pfaff for the IDT (walking foot built in). Pfaff may be coming out with an 'Epic jump' in features as well. If and when they do I may reconsider then. My options are there.

So the order went in today and it should be here next week. In the meantime I am throwing myself a virtual shower, and you are all invited!

If you could, and money is not in question, what would you give me as the perfect present for the new embroidery/sewing machine owner? It could be an accessory, fabric, whatever! It could even be a project that I should try. What was the best thing you got yourself, or did?

The Great P 'gave' me a virtual magnetic hoop. She finds it practical and versatile.  I agree, and have one on order.

Our technician brought me a project she did and suggests I do. I want to spend some time stitching out the decorative stitches. Everyone says that but we rarely get there. They look so much better stitched out than they do on the machine menu. She thinks it's best if the stitch out then goes into something you use. For inspiration she brought me some bags and a seat cover/bag she made long ago - and still uses. Excellent!

So. Come to my virtual sewing machine shower! Bring me your fav accessory or project that will send me off to a great start with my new baby! Help yourself to the virtual and calorie free temptations and make yourself comfortable. I am so excited!


  1. I really like my 1/4" quilting foot - what I like best about it is the 1/8" right side and the narrow central groove. Very useful for quilt piecing.

  2. Oh, and the narrow edge foot is essential if you're going to do any top stitching - really!