Sunday, 1 May 2016

Cherry Cake

The excitement continues! The CS Pro2 should come on the big brown truck on Tuesday. Staff are on high alert. My cell phone is at hand. Preparations continue.

I bought fabric for the sewing space do over. I have a lovely sewing space. It's time to make it beautiful. And my machines all need covers. The dust that gathers is so harmful, and as electrical devices they attract lint. Then there will be chair covers, accessories - general frivolity.

One of the virtual gifts I got was an idea for a project. I want to stitch out stitches I don't know. The machine has about 600. I think if I already know it, I may skip over a few. C brought me some lovely projects she stitched out (see last post) so I based my fabric choices on a sweet print I have loved for some time. I bought the remaining fabric on the bolt. There should be enough for a sewing room mum! Then I pulled in some solids to show off machine stitch work.

Thanks to those who have contributed to my virtual shower! It's been hard to make people realize I don't actually want anything. I just want the ideas! Share in my excitement people! Send me a virtual gift!

Monday morning I am baking a lovely cherry pound cake for the arrival.

Mouse update: DH cleaned up the makeshift house and found no bodies or other signs of mice. I'm hopeful this means they collected the troops and went on their way. DH says they have probably moved back in the garden shed. If so, I'll be letting them stay.

Our house guest is  making himself comfortable. He is smart and aims to please. I like him. However he does remind us how much care a dog requires, and therefore I don't see a dog on our horizon.

There was great consternation when his fav stick just wouldn't fit up the stairs and had to stay at the park. He did give it a good try.

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