Sunday, 1 October 2017

Everyone is Partying!

I had 2 female and 1 male birds walk through the yard later. They looked so scraggly I emailed a picture to my BIL for identification. He (the former hunter) didn't recognize them either. Well they were back today. Now that they have recovered from whatever party that was, they are actually pheasants. Truly unrecognizable the other day! Feathers in every direction, zombie walk - bizarre looking birds.

I have a cantaloupe in the garden! It was hidden under the strawberry plants, so as you can imagine it's not all that big. However I have it nicely sunbathing on a dry bed of leaves now, and I plan to cover it with a little blanket tonight. This is an event!

Have you been to Superstore lately? I pull up to the milk fridge, open the door and I hear mooing in the background. At first I thought it was the guy reloading the shelves, but after 3 more door checks I realized it wasn't him - it was cued by the door opening. I have to point this out to the woman down the aisle. We giggle. Along comes another woman who sends us to the egg fridge to hear the chickens clucking. How absolutely wonderful!

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