Tuesday, 1 November 2011

I'm getting more aware of how my time flies by. You have to watch and track it carefully, as it is frighteningly easy to p... away a day. Without my calendar I am lost. Then only if I remember what day it is. Thankfully it also does that for me. Yes, I am still having a great time.

I am working on a new paper basket like the tote I seem to take everywhere. It is so strong and useful. This one is slightly smaller and has an integrated handle. Currently it looks like an octopus but I think I know where everything goes. I carefully wove to the top, only ripping out 1 side when it turned out I had not cornered as well as I thought. Then I turned the border and was so pleased - until J mentioned I now had to weave each strip into the basket, down the side and across the bottom. You double everything. I had forgotten that part. Not a problem. J also reminded me that I am supposed to be babying my neck muscles until my jaw returns to a more normal vise-like condition. These people with physios in the family are annoying at times.

I have finished THE socks and may launch them tomorrow. I am off sewing lingerie with a friend. I have 2 bras to complete and matching panties to plan. We had a group sew on the weekend. Another person was sewing bras and they were so lovely! However, she could make 3 bras from the scraps I have left over. Being well endowed has its price.

I also went to lace making guild for the first time. Amazing stuff! You take thread the size of a baby hair and carefully intertwine it until it looks like amazing things. I signed up for lessons. It certainly has 'me' written all over it. Now I need lollypop sticks so I can make lace bobbins. I borrowed a kit of supplies but I want my own things, and it seems it's possible to make them from paper, sticks and beads. Im thinking handmade paper scraps to liven things up. I brought some scraps of trim I had bought in junk bags to the meeting. Turns out much of it was hand made. It's so sad to think that people don't recognize the nature of these pieces and don't value them appropriately. My DH's grandmother introduced me to doily rescue. She made what she called fancy work from an early age right into her 101th year. She really appreciated the time and skill that went into it and would scoop up pieces at the local junk stores and Value Village. I follow in her footsteps there but I try to restrict myself to great or unusual pieces. I have a weakness for coloured pansy doilies though. Can never have too many of those!

DH is off looking at a potential race car. We had sold all of our race cars and equipment, but it looks like it's back. Just like Freddie Kruger. We do enjoy racing and we need another black hole to throw money, so this just hits all the high points. The one he's looking at today is parked at a Frenchy's and I couldn't go! Now that really doesn't seem right to me. Who knows what treasures I may have found?

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  1. Thanks for the photos! I'm enjoying your crafting adventures!