Sunday, 20 January 2013

Saggy Bottoms

For those who worried,  the last sister did get her neck warmer. I forgot to take a picture of it before I let it go. I want to document what I make this year. I'm not sure why. I just think it might be interesting.

I've been sewing a lot this week. I had a friend over for a prep day before a group sew in Saturday. It's so relaxing to prepare projects, get them lined up and then start in. You also get such great support and advice when sewing socially. It doesn't get any better than that! I'm sewing underwear this month. The drawers need refreshing. The latest bra is an excellent fit, but my bra guru has ideas about a different design and possible benefits to said design. This has me all excited! I hope to nab her expertise sooner than later.

I'm getting back into retirement mode. December was a busy month, and I had 'obligations'. I had to take a breath this month and remind myself that I get to choose (most of the time) what I am doing. Then I felt so much better! Retirement is really quite a joyful thing!

There is a stash busting challenge out there that has you busting 2 pieces of well aged fabric stash each month all year. This sounds like a practical and progressive plan. I must say that I am aware I don't want to die before I wear all my best fabric, and my stash is such that I better get a move on AND live a very long time. Why do we 'save' good things for later? I want to enjoy nice things now. If they are truly nice, they can stand lots of use in the first place. I don't mean to be frivolous or wasteful, but the joy you get from the nicer things in life is something everyone deserves and it stays with you.

I am also trying to wear a belt this year. It keeps my pants up, reminds me I need to lose belly fat and prevents saggy bottom. We should all do what we can to prevent saggy bottoms. Everyone needs a belt and Pilates.


  1. The dreaded belt - in the right spot looks so waist-slimming, in the wrong spot not so good! Are you making your own belts to match particular outfits, or picking up some lovely ones from the shops????

    1. I have a few old leather staples in the closet. I'm trying not to buy clothing. I want to create most/all of what I wear eventually. I hadn't considered needing more belts yet, but you're right! This is an opportunity for proper accessories! I'll have to give this some thought.