Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Snow Day

Today was the first snow day since I retired. I loved snow days. First, you get to sleep in. Next, you have nothing you have to do! I would lie on the couch and read, drink tea and watch the snow fall through the windows. I have beautiful views.

In this school system snow days at one time were as rare as hen's teeth. In fact I actually went to work twice on snow days because that's what you did. The snow was not 2 feet thick, therefore why check with the radio to see if school is still on? It seems I can still stick my head in the snowbank.

It was snowing this morning but it was Tuesday and that's the day I volunteer at school so of course I got up and started out. I was 95% of the way there and stopping in for tea to go when I began to think that the roads were actually rather nasty for a school day. That's when I texted W to see if she wanted tea as well, and she replied (from deep under the covers) that today was a snow day.

I am such a keener!

So I delivered tea to W and got a full fashion show from her daughters as to what the well dressed American doll wears nowadays. Quite informative and entertaining! You have no idea! The shoes! The accessories!

So I spent the rest of the day reading and sewing. Ahhhhh!!!! I may do the same tomorrow. It was lovely!

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