Thursday, 7 March 2013

Can you patch a heart with $50 bills?

My cat had 4 teeth out on Tuesday. She also has 2 more that look questionable, but you can only go so far in one go. Poor baby! The drugs are pretty strong and she is not herself. She has the saddest meow and is just starting to lap water. Last night she kept standing her 2 front paws in the water dish and tap dancing. I have no idea what that was about, but it can't be good. I just want to hand her money until she feels better! There doesn't seem to be much else I can do.

Mind you we have the fireplace on, the softest chairs pulled up, the bathroom floor heat on, and she is carried up and down stairs. I eyed the Hagen Das yesterday at the store, but I have told firmly not to change her food. Not that she hasn't had it before. She has no interest in non fat ice cream. If you need to know about fat content, she is the one to ask.

This is the last cat of 5 we had up until last year. She's almost 18, so you can imagine what this whole thing has been like. The vet called me mid surgery to ask a few questions and I was stuck between appreciating his concern and wanting to scream at him "Don't you dare take your eyes or hands off my cat!" Thank heavens he knows me well, and more than likely hadn't.

I am off to Montreal today to see youngest sis. The other sisters arrive over the next two days. 4/5 plan to go to the Pink concert on Tuesday. #5 is a stick in the mud. She's been told.

I haven't posted my February makings yet. I will do that when I get back. It was a good month. I ordered a dress form that can be just what I need, but it needs to be fitted to me carefully. I'll need help with that. I discovered that sleeveless blouses don't balance me well, as I need more of a shoulder. I think I can adjust for that. I'll give it a try.

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