Sunday, 17 March 2013


The sisters went to Montreal for the P!nk concert! It was amazing! We love that girl.  We checked into a hotel across the street from the Bell Center. That was an excellent idea. I did grumble about the sound. Way too much bass and rumble. A perfect voice obscured by some idiot in a sound booth somewhere. I did try to email those responsible during the show, but my network let me down. If you get a chance to Google her concert, do so. The sight of her singing while hanging from a tiny wire in the nosebleed section is quite amazing. There were lots of people on the plane home that had also gone to the concert. I had no idea!

I took a lot of pictures as I always do when the sisters get together. We do have a great time! My battery went dead and I didn't have the spare with me. I dropped in at Black's in the mall and they charged me up - no charge! They had an adjustable charger. Now that was a nice touch to the vacation. Also lovely was picking up any of my devices over the week. My dear niece kept busy changing my screen savers.

I went fabric shopping. I went up a day early so I could and not annoy anyone. I do love a good shop! My fav store was no longer there! I wept. However there were a few new stores with excellent potential. They had great fabrics at reasonable prices. However the owners seem to have very little idea of how to cut fabric. One didn't even have a cutting table! He just rolled the bolt out over the other bolts and chopped while I cringed and covered my ears. He did seem to know fibre content. Other stores may have no clue about that. It's a jungle out there people!

My ducks are back. Both pairs are taking turns at the feeder, and I bought a new 25 lb bag of duck feed. That will last for a bit. One female hurt her foot, but it seems to be healing. She's walking much better now. Does this early arrival mean imminent spring? It doesn't feel that way currently, but ducks know these things.

I went shopping for a bathing suit on Saturday. My image consultant came with me. He was not expected at the Bathing Suit Hut in New Minas, and they tried to usher him to a sofa, out of the way. However, he was his usual indispensable self. We had a wonderful assistant, Brianna. Ask for her. She really knows what she's doing. Between her and DH we found some suitable suits in no time. It was also decreed by those in attendance that I could totally rock a bikini. Indeed! Suits sized for my figure are difficult to find, and they sell bottoms and tops separately! What joy! I needed up with 2 1/2 suits. Two bottoms came from the $2 bargain bin. Can't beat that. I'm now ready for the Dominican! If you are in the hunt for bathing suits or bras, this place should be a stop for you.


  1. Why New Minas? That seems a bit of a trek.

  2. Glad to hear you're having oodles of fun. Too bad about your favorite store disappearing. Discovering the empty shell is so heartbreaking, isn't it?