Saturday, 11 May 2013

I'm a bit sad. The corset class I signed up for has been cancelled, due to lack of interest. Not on my part! Where are you people? This would have been so good! I am stymied by your lack on enthusiasm. The girls are drooping in disappointment. Yep, it's the disappointment.

But I went to the Gaspereau Fibre Arts barn shop today for their annual yard sale. It was fantastic! There were lots of fresh lambs frolicking, 2 roosters fighting, 4 llamas spitting. And the yarn! I picked up a few things in the classroom and was just working my way through the store when I noticed the kitchen was also full of tables. The good stuff was back there! Someone was selling a rather amazing stash dirt cheap. There were lots of small bundles and large bundles of fab yarns. Look! All for about $35! Silks, alpaca, eyelashes - neat stuff.

No, I don't know what I'm doing with any of it. Since when is a plan mandatory? Suggestions are welcome. I am making myself finish the current sweater first. Such restraint and will power. Next year I will be organizing a van to make the trek. I'll let you all know and we can car pool. This year the MIL and DH went with me and I doubt they will be convinced again. They did enjoy lunch at Pete's Vineyard after. That place has the most amazing view in the valley, and the food is great. Don't forget the phone booth in the field where you can call anyone in the world for free.

I'm getting into too many projects again, and the garden is starting up! I've been picking dandelions and it is a heartless task. I get a field clean and it re-blossoms the next day.  And the one after that, and the one after.... Reminds me of Lucy, Charlie Brown and the football. The garden walls are progressing well. We are still in production mode but are waiting on connecting walls until the backhoe guy down the street removes a few rocks (the size of small cars) from the edge of the plot. Every neighbourhood needs a guy with a backhoe. Life is so much easier. I have quilts I want to make, fabric that wants to be worn, a basket workshop next weekend and I haven't plucked the willow fence for that yet. Work used to get in the way of all this. Hmmmm....

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