Sunday, 5 May 2013

The walls are on the rise!

Now you can see how it will all go together. I replanted my garlic in the new bed, and although it was so rudely plucked, it looks quite happy now. Who wouldn't, in such a glorious setting? I'd tell you how DH moved those slabs into position, but like the pyramids, it defies description. It was truly impressive. I helped, wearing my construction crocs and trying not to be distracted by shiny things at inopportune moments.

Now I prefer to keep this blog for personal things, and post my sewing thoughts on the Atlantic Sewing Guild blog. However, you will probably see more sewing here (and cross posted there).

I went to a Pfaff retreat last week. It was several days of sewing bliss with owners of and people who work in Pfaff stores. You learn so much from people with that background. I made a point of wearing clothes I made (right down to the skivvies) and showing them off. Where have all the garment makers gone? I'm feeling a crusade coming on. My coworker also sews her own clothing - she makes me look like such a slacker! I think we need to promote the possibilities. We are an irresistible team!

I am beginning to think I may want a machine upgrade. There are certain features that may make the move happen. My current Pfaff is wonderful. I thought it would be the 'one'. It is. It really is wonderful. That IDT, those 9 mm stitches, the needle positions and needle up and down - all features I adore. However now I see other features I don't have. How do I decide where the line is. What features will drive me to trade up?

I tried out Start and Stop last week. No foot pedal needed! Look Ma, no feet! It's a foot cramp stopper if there ever was one, but only for long sequences like decorative stitches on an easily navigated route - or with the circular attachment (which I love!). This is a great feature I would love to have.

The new plug and play buttonhole is so much better than what I have now. I currently use my Featherweight with Singer buttonhole attachment for buttonholes. It is a foolproof wonder with a very nice stitch, but the new Pfaff attachment stitches forward for both sides of the buttonhole. So smooth. A buttonhole is truly important, and almost enough to make me waver.

I'm going to spend some time with different machines over the next few months and see what happens. What features draw the line for you?

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