Saturday, 7 September 2013

Hung Out To Dry

I got a clothesline! It's my first in about 30 years. There was an unfortunate incident back then with a load of wash and 50 million spiders, and it no longer seemed worth it. Until now. I want to smell sun in my clothes.

I picked up this slender model at Lee Valley, so you know it should work well. So far I am very pleased. It goes up and down with one hand and spins with 1 finger. And it looks tres chic! The picture of it collapsed didn't cloud properly. It looks like a metal pole. All the lines fold up neatly inside. Its installation was my reward for helping with the Ledwidge lookoff  Rally.

There are things I need to learn about having a clothesline. My sisters have a long list of things they think I need to learn, but the stuff they consider important does not mean as much to me. I don't care about how many clothespins are needed on each garment. Do you overlap and share pins, or not? Shirts  hang from the armpits or the hem? Don't know, not all that caring either. They should be thankful I hang out their clothes in the first place. Ungrateful!

But I now know you need to wash in the morning or things may not be dry by supper, when they should come in. I may need to wash twice a week, as 2 loads seems to be the right amount of wash vs dry time vs length of day. And leaving sheets on the line at night doesn't deter the deer in the nearby vegetable garden. I've set up a motion sensor water squirter (Lee Valley again!) to deal with the deer, and it may be working. I'll get back to you on that.

Also I have learned that my new clothespin holder is the most adorable thing ever, but it's too small and I need to make another.  Not a problem. I bought a set of baby sized plastic hangers, so I may run up a few more. Anyone need a small sized holder?

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