Saturday, 7 September 2013

Shop Girl Again

Now here is the most - well I'm not sure I have the words. The Great P and I spotted this in an order book somewhere and got 1 in. We have these crazed moments.  Alcohol may have been involved. She took it home first and wasn't sold. I took it next and I love it! It's actually very sturdy and holds my huge mugs solidly. Note the slot for the handle! Instead of tossing scraps over my shoulder (like I do when driving my truck) many of them actually make it to the scrap bag.  Nothing has fallen into the mug, and that was a concern. Or maybe I didn't notice? I haven't spilled tea on fabric or machine since I got it. It's called the Sensational Snip and Sip and cost about $27. Now do you see why my job is more of a 'break even' activity? If you want one, call us and we'll order you one in. It's an exclusive item for the very discerning sewer, methinks.

1 comment:

  1. That's a funny little accessory. I am betting it could work for Scrapbookers and card makers too.