Saturday, 21 September 2013


Love to smell clothes fresh off the line! DH would prefer his unmentionables to be dryer soft. I shall make it so. I do think my towels look whiter. My clothespin holder is too small and is available upon request. I need to build a new one.

This week I sewed with a body part not previously used by most sewers. Minimizer bra now being considered. As I make my own, I have to think this one over. The Great P thinks I should teach a class in different ways to get that seam done. Just think of the supply list!

I joined Mayflower Quilt Guild this week. There were 86 people at the first meeting and easily over 100 quilts for display THIS MONTH! What have I done? It was a well organized and talented group. I knew some people from different parts of my life so I felt quite at home. Now I understand I need to find a 'bee'. A bee is a social group that meets to work together. Most bees have a quota and I may need to start my own. Then again, maybe I'll coast for a bit. These people are productive!

I'm working on a dress. Again, I am reading the directions as I didn't draft this myself. DH is helping with the fitting. He has decided I need a sway back adjustment. He doesn't know that. He just pinned one out and said "Much better!". I have avoided that previously. It just seemed to be an adjustment for the overly picky. However, It did really look much nicer. He also requested sharper pins please.

DH is home now on medical leave. It's an adjustment for the better for me. Weekends no longer mean what they used to as he doesn't have a schedule. But he is inspecting my lunches and slipping in vegetables where no vegetable has gone before. He had a hot supper on the table when I got home from the shop! Mind you, there were (again) vegetables. It's nice to have him home and he is looking after himself properly. Good boy!

The Sensational Snip and Sip slapped me round tonight. I had a water bottle and placed it on the cutting table, rather than the designated SSS drink corral. Next thing I know I have a flood on the floor. That thing gave me a most dirty and 'I told you so' look. Nasty.

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