Sunday, 13 October 2013

Biting The Bullet

Today I tidied my sewing room a bit, and made a huge commitment. I packed my faithful Pfaff 2048 away to the spear (correct spelling!) room. I have been turning to it rather than acclimating to the Pfaff Creative Vision I have on loan right now. I like the familiar. Learning curves take time. Well, I want to see what the CV has to offer, and that won't happen by ignoring it.

Right off the bat there are some slight annoyances. It doesn't take the same needles as the 2048 and I have a wonderful collection of Schmetz on hand. I have some of the required Inspira needles, but not a full complement, and I like to have my things ready at hand. The CV also takes a different bobbin. Now I need to work on that collection as well. It's a minor issue, but when I step out of my comfort zone I will grasp at any straw as I whine my way back. At least all my precious feet will fit.

I have the CV set up on a table on the other side of the room. The 2048 was inset in a countertop and surrounded by all the things you need at hand. The CV won't fit in the hole meant for the 2048, so I set up on a table on the other side of the room. I really love having my machine set into a counter with flat table support surrounding it. This puts the CV at a disadvantage. I will give it some time, but I may have to look at expansion possibilities over in countertop land.

Now, about the spear room. When we moved many years ago we bought 'used' boxes from our moving company and did our own packing. One of the boxes was labelled spear room, and after we got through the whole discussion on what that meant - we decided our spare room would be spear room forever more. I'm still looking for a spear, in case the box really meant what it said. You never know, and it would look nice up on the wall I'm sure.

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