Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Purse Palooza

I have always loved purses, and Sew Sweetness is having a Purse Palooza this month. Check it out. They review 2 patterns each day, and have tons of give aways! I just need to make purses this month. They're getting me all inspired. I have dug out scrumptious wools and leathers, and lots of inspiration pictures. Now, I just need to get some of these quilts bundled up.

I was off to the Apple store today for phone lessons (not sure I like that new operating system yet). I met 6 other wonderful women, all with newer phones than mine. In fact I believe the oldest person there had the newest phone, and then it trickled down to me. It's amazing what we all use our phones for, and how practical our needs were. Other people messing with your phone seemed to be a common problem. Those with children seemed most put upon. So glad I didn't go that route.

Then I window shopped. I took my birthday watch to the Fossil store to see it's relatives, none of which had price tags. People! Really! So pretentious. I felt like a Facebook page there. The sales clerks 'liked' my glasses, my jacket and everything I touched. Purses seem to be very classic and unadorned this year. A delightful change. I just want to touch them all. Banana Republic had wonderful classic and wearable designs. It's well worth a look if you want to wear something that feels so nice, or if you are looking for sewing inspirations. Sew Lady Sew was there, sporting offspring and grand offspring. She was aglow with maternal pride. She should be. Until I noticed the sprout I had that daughter pegged for the non maternal type. She was beautifully put together and most composed. Most young mothers I see look like - well, young mothers. Actually, it was hard not to notice the sprout, as she was whizzed into viewing position by the proud grandmama. I don't know which one was cuter.

DH is sporting a new Tardis mug for his birthday. Although it says on the box it is official merchandise, I have trouble believing the Doctor approved anything that isn't dishwasher safe. We also went to see the new Rush movie. It's excellent. Although it is a car movie the 2 characters were the heart of the movie. Ron Howard does a lovely movie I think.

I love reading blogs and follow people or products I like. It gives you so much to think about and I learn things I'd never know about otherwise. If there is a contest to enter, I like to roll the dice. Well, I won! Clover Needlecraft (they also make my beloved yoyo makers) had an 'Upgrade your Stuff' contest and I scored a lovely pair of scissors in a leather sheath. They are the type that cut perfectly right down to the end. I tried them on buttonholes and they were lovely. I keep them in the sheath for protection for those sharp little points. Everyone deserves the best tools and should treat them well. Isn't that a lesson we all wish we had learned so much earlier? I wouldn't have wasted so much time and money trying to 'make do' with what I had instead of honouring the craft and getting what I needed. My husband's garage has good tools. I should too.

So I love my contest scissors, but they also threw in a Nancy Zieman pattern template for tablet totes and proper stiffener for building one. It's thin, light and tough. Looks like it will work very well. I'll be into that before Christmas. Everyone seems to have tablets now. I started another trend! Ipad owes it all to me!

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