Friday, 24 January 2014

The Little One Seam Wallet

Here is a lovely wallet that requires one seam and one pass of the scissors. Really!

Here is the template for the little wallet. You'll have to draw your own. Feel free to take license with the flap shape. Draw it on a piece of paper and fold down the flap until you have something that looks nice. Mark the fold line. Create a cardboard template. You can see my suggestions for scrap pocket lengths on the template. Whatever works for you.

Place the template on a scrap of fabric (wrong side up) and trace around it. Use pen. You won't see it again. Mark the fold line in the seam allowance.

Trace the top half of the outline on fusible interfacing. Make it about 1/2" longer than the fold line. Fuse this to the fabric.


Prepare the inner pockets by folding three scraps in half and laying them about 1/2" apart on top of each other. The scraps need to be wider than your template. Length requirements depend on your template. Read on. You'll figure it out.


Place these pocket pieces face up on another (right side up) scrap that will be the inside of your wallet. Don't worry! We are about to impose order on the empire. Also note - the bottom pocket will show as the outside front of your wallet. Plan accordingly. Also make sure the top pocket still falls outside the bottom edge of the wallet. All three need to be included in the bottom seam.

Place the interfaced scrap on top of this fabric sandwich, making sure that the inner pockets are about 1/2" below the fold line as determined in your pattern making. My interfacing ends there, giving me something to align with.

Note, we haven't sewn or cut a thing yet.

Remember that ink outline? Now you sew around that outline. You need to leave an opening for turning. I start just before the top left corner and end just above the left fold line.  I do stick a pin in there somewhere to hold it all plumb.

NOW you get to cut. Why waste time cutting before it's truly required?

Turn inside out through the opening you left. If your pockets end up inside, you just flipped it the wrong way. Flip them back. Sew up that little opening by hand. It's neater. Give it all a good press.

Add a snap, button or velcro to close it up.

Today I heard a great suggestion! Embroider your name on the back scrap before you start and add a cord strap. Then you have a name tag and wallet for classes or conferences. Indeed!

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