Sunday, 12 January 2014

Pot Holes

I was going to tell you that pot holes seem to come in threes. So profound. I came to this conclusion just last week, and thought people needed to know.Then I travelled the same road again, and my new theory was all shot to hell. Go figure.

I got to play on a P3 Power Quilter this week. I was well supervised, these things aren't cheap and they know me there. A P3 is a huge frame that has a sewing machine running up and down the rails. You quilt with it. We learned to mount the quilt layers and tried some free motion and programmed stitching. Oh the possibilities! I actually want to quilt quilts, but the Great P has visions of quilted fabric and new clothes. It all sounds good to me. I did think this was going to be a huge and confusing machine. It is, but it all flows together logically and it can be done.

I do find quilters are quite fussy and strive for perfect far too much. I love sewing. Get on with it I say. Now I'm not talking about people I know. But you hear things. This Power Quilter is quite a doable thing, I think. Next week I get to play a bit more with the sample and then I have a quilt top that will get its day. Hope it goes well, as I have quilt tops stacking up. I also need to check out the Husqvarna sit down table quilter machine we have. And DH is going to shave off a bit from my sewing table inset at home so my larger machine (Pfaff CV) will fit into my counter. I'm going to try this quilting from many angles.

I even signed up for free motion classes with Leah Day on Craftsy and on her web site. For such a young person she seems to be an excellent teacher. She has an amazing catalogue of free motion designs. Hopefully as I get more comfortable with them I'll know where and how to use them.

Garment sewers, I have not abandoned my first love. This weekend I SINned (Sew It Now) with other Sinful people and finally got my dress form into my shape. The measurements are correct, but her shape seems way less lumpy/bumpy than mine. She is wearing a bra under that cover. It helped to keep the stuffing in place. Notice, I seem to be a tube with bumps. A bit like a Pez dispenser. The pink band is narrowing what seems to be my freakishly thin neck.

I can't wait to try some fitting and planning with her. Here she is, warming her bottom by the fire. She also needs a name. Suggestions?

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