Monday, 20 January 2014

You know those packages of little bits of Skor bars you can buy for baking? Well. Stir a spoonful into your hot chocolate next time. Wow. Yes indeed!

I started an embroidery project last Friday with a great group of fellow cute embroidered cat lovers (cute cats, cute group). What a lovely day! We all bought this card to make an appliqu├ęd cat quilt, done on an embroidery sewing machine. It's called The Cat's Meow. You do it with batik fabric and it's really hard to screw it up. All colour combinations look great! Now, I need experience with this embroidery stuff, so it is a learning experience for me for sure. It really helps when you are working with a good group. They share and toss ideas back and forth with generosity and open minds. And it's surprising how much the machine can do for you. If you screw up, there always seems to be a fix.

My Pfaff CV machine is back from the shop and it is purring like the kitten it is supposed to be. I am working to get most of my blocks embroidered before our next meeting this coming Friday. I need 24 blocks of paw prints for the border. Once you set this up, it really runs itself. It even calls me over when it has a rare thread issue. If only it could make tea. So I am over on the other side of the room working on a different quilt. I'm piecing together Lotus on my Singer treadle machine. Back and forth I go, from one century to another.

My DH says the garment sewers have met and discussed my desertion. But as soon as I clean off the UFO's from my sewing table, I do have garments planned. It is my first love.

For you embroidery people though, I have a question. You need to put all you embroider on stabilizer of some sort. This gets expensive and seems somewhat wasteful at times. The paw prints I am doing seemed to really point this out So, I stuck some Inspira Light and Tacky on my hoop and used Tear and Wash and some Stitch and Ditch in strips where the paw prints end up. After the paws stitched out, I carefully removed the strips and simply replaced them. I ended up using a lot less stabilizer this way. Am I missing anything? Is this a problem?

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  1. I enjoy your blog and I admire the folks who take the time to write blogs.Lots of wonderful info' for lurkers like me. About stabilizers.. a wise friend told me that coffee filters work and they do! I have used them for years when doing fancy work with my Pfaff 7550. Not one of the newer models but it serves me well for any embroidery work I wish to do. I use them anywhere I need a stabilizer.Large bundles at Costco for a good price. Shhhh.