Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Paging Dr. DuPuis!

On the bike today I watched a playlist on YouTube from Craftsy. It was a series of different quilters stash busting, each over a 2 minute silent video. Very intertaining! They seem to have other playlists. I like a quick little whatever when I'm biking. Sometimes the full classes are a bit too intense for my oxygen starved brain.

Just LOOK! at what I found this weekend! It's a vintage, but never used doctor's bag - still has the key to lock it up! This is my new handbag of choice. However it doesn't get to go just anywhere. For the first time ever I am considering if an outing is bag worthy, and using my previous bag (to the back) when it isn't. To the rescue - my bag organizer! I just pop it out and everything still goes with me. I have improved that pattern recently. Mostly I added better stabilizer so it stands proud and does't spit out my cards at will. If you look closely, I even have a prescription in there to be renewed!

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